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(work in progress) A treatise on Tique

Started by Wächter, May 20, 2013, 10:44:39 AM

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I believe if I don't put these thoughts down somewhere, I'll never get around to it; here's to slaying my stagnation.

Herein will probably lie disjointed ramblings and somewhat broken sentence structures. Deal with it.

First some backstory:

Tique originally came about in 2008, strangely enough at the same time I first discovered DKMU. I had no experience with the occult at that time but had a compulsion, no, I was possessed to make SOMETHING. I had read about automatic writing in that breif and initial foray into CMT, and decided "what the hell, lets go balls to the wall."  The first attached image is the (after some cleaning up of course) product of said foray, modified somewhat for clarity but the overall form is preserved.

Going into it I had no idea what this was supposed to be for, it started as a random doodle and I realized after the fact that I had been "zoned out" if you will for a good while until it was complete. In a way it drew itself, or I was guided by something to put that exact shape into a physical form. To my understanding that is gnosis, but correct me if I am wrong.

After a staggeringly short bit of research into the Linking Sigil I decided to incorporate it into the original form and, going with the "balls to the wall" mentality, I wanted to fire it off (the whole sh-bang was originally a sigil) by using some of my own blood. The results were, at the time, not what I was expecting but little did I know that I basically unleashed something of what seems to be unimaginable power and consequences.

My theatrical side is getting ahead of me; an explanation of the symbolism is due, of which I have discovered over the years that I have been scratching the surface of the occult world. None of these were purposefully included. They have been found, happy accident or a creation coming to maturity?

Reference attachment 1

There are two main ways I have found to interpret the sigil. One is a left/right duality in which one side provides certain benefits over the other. The second is as a left-to-right process describing the process of acquiring fulfillment or knowledge. Initially I will extrapolate the latter process, and go into the former afterwards for general usage later on.

Starting with the eye, it's two halves represent ignorance and knowledge. The eye that is full sees little, while the eye that is clear sees all. Surrounding the eye are strands of DNA, signifying that our knowledge (or lack thereof) changes who we are on a molecular level. From the bottom left we have the first arm, which is an arrow rising up the side into the eye, and furthermore into the first moon. It is symbolic of an empty vessel, one that is ready for fulfillment. Below the eye is a checkerboard pattern which is indicative of the choices one makes in life, (in left-to-right sequence) negative, neutral, and positive. [A quick aside, I refer to negativity and positivity in their most basic forms, like those of a magnet; none of this black/white magick nonsense]. Here we reach the middle moon of the half-filled vessel, signifying the old statement "the more you know, the more you know you don't".

Transversing the eye from the left arm we arrive at the right, which is a exponential curve toward one's object of attainment. I say exponential because, referencing the final moon, there is always more to find, ALWAYS. Finally we reach the final moon, and if one looks closely, it is not entirely filled in. There is always more to discover about a subject, or how that subject ties into others, etc. The overall design of the moons, empty/half/full, is that of the uphill struggle turning into the downhill slide. At a certain point, one is capable of picking up speed in learning or doing something so that the rest esentially becomes a breeze.

Incorporated into the moons is the symbol for energy, which as I mentioned is the uphill-battle/downhill slide symbolism. Surrounding these is the symbol for infinity, signifying that this is an ever-present cycle. Also if one notices the arrows on the arms, from the right arm we jump right back into the process with the left arm, as if one carries into the other.

The above has revealed itself to me as the overall process I guess. The way I visualize it is, concurrently, one starts from the left, works through the uphill battle, gets to the tipping point, and careens toward attainment, at a point though one reaches the bottom of the hill and continues into the next stage, arrow to arrow referrencing the image.


As subject states this is a work in progress, I will get more down shortly. However I needed to at least get something down, so now I have something fleshed out to come back to (and to motivate me to get this fully fleshed out)

Additionally, feedback and constructive criticisms are welcome. I will be updating this thread for both content and readability in the days/weeks to follow.
Hail to attainment and fulfillment


I had a good time reading this, thought it was really interesting and relatable in a way. I'll be following as you update.



After the startling conclusion that the current methods I used to work with Tique were inadequate for what I wanted, I am going back to the drawing board to compose an entirely new system of working with him. Thus the length of time it has been since I last updated this post.

More to come... eventually.