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I am happy I found this site :)
« on: May 01, 2017, 10:43:26 pm »
Took me forever to learn how to post on here lol. But I just wanna say hello and glad I found this site. In the last 6 years Ive done a lot of work in different occultist fields, taught some groups and have done practices, but over those last few years I realized least in my belief's it is done by chaos magick. Your intention, your feelings your thoughts your faith in it working impacts your magick and the reality we live in.

Again this is my belief I am not saying I am right or wrong. But for me I believe rituals, spells, ect are a way we give ourselves faith to make the magick into a reality. I didn't see this way when I first got into magick, but over the years I realized how much my magick depended upon me not so much the rituals. When I was 18 I had lots of success with magick and I didn't have this view, however when I started realizing magick has to do with my faith, thoughts and intentions it actually made it harder to find success which makes me probably sound stupid but its true least for me.

Like lucid dreaming, which ive done over 30 times. You fall asleep you become awake in the dream usually by something not being right and figure out your sleeping usually known as triggers. Well soon as you tell yourself your dreaming you have complete control of the dream. If you think of demons you will see them, if you think of angels you see them, if you think of laying on a cloud you will. Lucid dreaming has made me realize how much our thoughts and intention have power.

I should of wrote this when i wasn't buzzed from drinking so i do apologize, but I gotta question if your able to answer i is there any relationship between Astarte and eris? Now I looked up the entity for the ellis sigil and watched the video on youtube of it, but i believe the entity is named eris if not i mean ellis. My apologies again, but there is a kind of important reason for me to figure if there is a relationship between the two.

Also I am glad to be apart of the site. Seriously its been a long time since I been so compelled to be apart of something <3 Thank you


Re: I am happy I found this site :)
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