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The Cheshire Cat Spirit -- Online Revival

Started by Moon1ight, April 27, 2017, 06:33:31 AM

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Hi folks! I want to put an old friend back online. It's a servitor, the Cheshire Cat spirit. Here's his sigil:

A while ago it resurfaced on the FB-group:

It was one of my first magical works -- a grinning cat of smoke and moonlight, with the intent to bring cheerfulness to those around him. Turn the energy that goes into bad mood to some good cheerful use. I'll copy some of the FB-material to here:

"It's originally a pencil and red crayon drawing, which I then scanned and made into black/white/red with Gimp :D I then evoked it on a field by the light of a self-made oil-lamp is I remember correctly. It has been with me ever since. When my mood gets sad, I focus on the sigil and on the ghostly cat walking around me and play with it. I become cheerful again very quickly. Mood is so internal that it is an easy target for magic, but it's still very useful and pleasant. You're all welcome to play with it too :) Also think about it when you're in a good mood, it likes that"

In the thread, you can find other people's opinions, which I don't want to copy out of a closed group, so look there if you want :)

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