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Started by Svipal, June 12, 2013, 10:54:57 PM

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Yeah. The good thing about this is that the "victim" doesn't have a link which they can break. This is extremely useful when doing long-term operations which demand some level of discretion.


Had a vivid dream, was at a mansion party and this one was tagged on the walls, everywheree.
Looks undoubtedly to me like CJ+LS


some words have been coming up, recurring. "local" "ya ho" "we're all mad here". The chesire's smile too.

priority stickers, glamourbomb
FROM: Ellis

My cousin relayed to me that the spiders that have manifested in my yard are Argiopes. There is one that posts huge webs across my yard, she is a big mama spider, black and scarlet red legs. I think of her as a little embodiment of Ellis everytime i see it. the spiders have a distinct zipper in their web that allows them to feel each individual thread for where an insect lands, this has given me some insight into working with the ellisian web.


you know, I have noticed alice in wonderland symbols, insignia and characters more frequently here...none of the words, though.
I have soared too high on the Wings of Dreams, only to be dashed on the rocky shores of Despair.