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Author Topic: Diovivente's Good-bye post  (Read 2791 times)


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Diovivente's Good-bye post
« on: June 21, 2017, 01:39:26 am »

Hi folks. Frater Diovivente says goodbye to Facebook and posted an interesting analsysis about the state of the DKMU. Since folks asked him to save the post, I'll save it for him. If he's not okay with that, he can tell me here or in IRC and I'll delete it. He has said that he's active on the forum. [Edit: He's okay with me posting it here  :) ]

"[Someone] here, Gonna talk about a few things before I leave facebook for good this time. used to be that new members got flamed as a rite of passage in dkmu, "We take our work seriously but not ourselves"- [Sheosyrath]  People would get flamed in the irc to see if they would stick around. "Shucking Oistars to find some pearls"- [Chovexano] But at some point either we let in too many people, or too many members became jaded with a really effective process to find people who really wanted to be in the current. And slowly after a while shit got nastier. So many people talk about it in PM and IRC. "God why are all these kids into Ellis worship, what the hell are they doing with the Godforms." And while we can never really judge people by appearance its clear that a lot of people are image based magicians. That what they perpetuate is just as if not more important to their actual work.   
      Death to the Image hail the new flesh was a fucking war cry, for me it became a rite of shamanic birth and death. But somewhere along the lines, enough people declared the current dead and became jaded enough to let insubstantia into the group. Now we have oistars trying to label and define the current, using it as an image itself. People who only topically mimic other godforms experiences instead of really taking a look into it. And don't tell me I am wrong and play devil's advocate a shit ton of you feel the same way and have even confided it in me through private message.
       Last time diovivente was a thing people got into it, it was exciting and annoying but mostly obvious fun. The fact that people now are having a hard time seeing the parody is really sad. This account is being ran exactly the same way it was last time because I ran it. We got too many people invading occult spaces, infecting it with their jaded outlooks, their need to be self important. their reliance on self image. Facebook is a blue dopamine pushing petri dish for memetic parasites. IMAGE WORSHIP AT ITS HIGHEST.
 So while you guys are sitting there thinking of arguments to tear down what I am saying just save it. I've said it time and time again over the past several years, The Current Never Dies as long as it lives in the mind of one. But at what point did we allow such large amounts of toxicity in ourselves and around us? If any of these statements don't apply to you then try to avoid the knee jerk response and really think about what I am saying. Everything has gone up and down but mostly down since Occupy. Why are we so politically obsessed now, why are so many marauders image based who weren't before, why is there literally a theme with allowing oistars, in the sense of not challenging them with flame and reason, to become cult like and image based? Where are the flames that  used to mark who would stay and who would go? Why aren't there as many of us as there used to be using the world as our playground?
 It could be a number of things, but the fact of the matter is things will be as they are and will only get worse until something changes in each of us that are feeling the weight of that nastiness in the world. MAGICK IS REAL. YOU ARE A MAGICIAN. DEATH TO THE IMAGE HAIL THE NEW FLESH.
 I'm leaving facebook for good. Since I started on this white light kick several parasitic personality types have tried to invade my personal life, because I take hiatus so often I get to see the memetic parasite at work in facebook image worship more than most of my comrades because I have fresh eyes. I'm no better than anyone in here, I've been through the ringer and back in my pursuit of really real magick and those that know me on a deep level know this as fact. I encourage anyone who feels dissatisfied with themselves or the group to initiate an internal change, to make magick real again. To cast off the reliance on what people perceive you as and liberate yourselves in the highest sense. I'll still be writing more crowley than crowley. I'll still be doing my crazy shake the stick at the sky against monsters ritual on chelsea. But I am done with this toxic, invasive, memetic parasitic commercial machine, this blue dopmamine pumping demon. If anyone gives a shit I'll be in the forums and IRC, you know that place we all used to call home. This post and this account along with my main will be terminated after 24 hours.
 [Someone] Out..."

My personal highlights:
> "The Current Never Dies as long as it lives in the mind of one." -- I try not to worry about "The DKMU" as some external, and instead to think about how I can contribute, how I can make something good.
> "Why are we so politically obsessed now, why are so many marauders image based who weren't before" -- we get distracted by the thetre of politics, which have much less actual influence over our lives than we attribute to it. What is more significant for you personally, for your well-being: the difference between Trump or Clinton -- or the difference between eating well and sleeping enough or not? Let alone your personal magic... 

Khaos provides (if we're focussed  8) )!

Edit: In case the comment thread gets deleted, I'll create a backup of my response, because I think these thoughts will remain relevant to me for a while:
"In the game of Go, I try to learn a simple technique: Before every move, ask yourself "Is this a mistake? How many points does it earn?" -- because one is inclined to play moves that "make sense" locally, that feel good, but are actually inconsequential to winning the game and that give the initiative away.

I'll try to also apply this to the rest of my life -- Before each train of thoughts, before each argument, before each post -- does this help fulfiling my actual long-term desires? Or is it just distraction? On the DKMU, I'll try ask myself if what I post really brings forward the AoR or magic in general, or if it is just distraction, virtue-signalling ("I hate Trump too"-signalling ) etc.

This essay might be relevant:

"What positive future events does this action cause?" -- if inconsequential, like another post about politics, don't do it :) "
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Re: Diovivente's Good-bye post
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2017, 02:42:55 am »

ha ha ha thanks comrade!!!
You didn't have to edit it but I appreciate the sentiment nonetheless.



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