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Started by VII, June 14, 2017, 06:30:48 AM

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Been watching you twat sandwiches on Facebook for a while now.

Still not on board with your godforms, even the one who used my brain as a casting couch last Christmas Day, or convinced you've planned past the eschaton, but consensus reality DOES need a kicking and it IS better to be pissing out than pissing on (your feet stay drier) and you're more fun than Discordianism's stale meme pool so fuck it, I'm in.

I have trouble taking all this occult nonsense seriously, but I nearly died for want of it, so it must be worth a go.


Welcome VII,

It's true some of this stuff can be off-putting and for good reasons,

While there are some of us that truly want to fuck dragons and shit lightening bolts,
some of us like myself have learned to use this open-sourced pirate magick as a means of self-initiation into the mysteries.
Death to the Image Hail the New Flesh : once a war cry against the shell worshiping world of insubstantia has become a shamanic rite of birth and death for me. I am sure it can also be applied to several different aspects in the war on consensus reality.
I have used the 663 current as a means to transform myself, I used to be concerned with the actual change of the outer world I have found meaning in changing myself and trying to inspire change in others.

Others will have similar or very different views, and because there is no true "DKMU" it will at times be a decision for the individual to decide how to dive into and utilize the wheel of godforms.

Glad to have you here!!!!



Branch out...


Remind me; did you post this before or after I screwed up my soul, joined the IRC, and got a good old-fashioned morale boost from yourself and Sheo?

In any case, thanks. Self-initiation (in both senses of the word) is where it's at; I'm a magixal thug and proud of it! Since we talked I've dug up a couple more resources and I'mm teach myself how to ceremony one technical skill at a time.


Holla, welcome to the group. DTTI: HTNF