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Ellisian Ritual & Sorcery Experiments

Started by Alysyrose, April 17, 2013, 04:07:53 PM

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Bit of back story on this: It's one of the things that came out after getting back into using LS in a more ritualistic sense. This arrangement was the first. Scattered about is:

ELLIS (obviously)
and 636.

636 is obviously an anagram/variant of 663 - it's the English gematria for "network." The spider web chaosphere has also been used to symbolize the ellis network in the past.

So, this thing is used to draw out/throw in very specific things or energies into the network during ritual. To work with it, it has to be unlocked, and there's a secret symbol inside of it in order to do that.

Start at "E" and draw a line to an "L", "L", so on, to spell out ELLIS. Then continue the line to a "6", "3", "6". This makes a symbol.

I've already tried this with a variety of other configurations just to see what shapes come out. So far, this is the only one that makes a specific symmetrical sigil when draw out right. In ritual, I've been drawing this in the air over top of it, starting with "E" and ending with "6" as a ritual action to open a vortex for the network.


It was the result of an Ellis ritual, an automatic drawing while in trance. The scattered placement "felt right" at the time. Later, when drawing lines starting with "E" (to make Ellis) and ending on "6", (to make 636, the number for Network in gematria) one configuration (depending on which L and 6 you go to) ended up being symmetrical (the one I posted), whereas all the others were asymmetrical and disjointed. Out of curiosity I switched the letters/numbers around for a few other attempts, again drawing a line starting with E and making "Ellis" then "636", and I haven't ended up with a symmetrical sigil with those other configurations yet. The symmetrical sigil was said to be a key to the network.

So, without the letters/numbers being in this first weird configuration, it seems the symmetrical sigil is just about impossible to chart out. Just one of those weird magicky-things that popped up.


This next bit contains some spoken calls that are more ceremonial in origin. After not doing anything of the sort for so long, this has actually been very refreshing. Since this will always be free-form, feel free to alter it. If your someone who doesn't care to use any callings whatsoever, the visualizations will be enough, or a simple "directing" of your intent.

The next activity I'll be doing in my exploration of Ellis ritual and sorcery is sparking up a few Lesser & Greater Ellisian Generators.

This isn't an entirely new concept, with a few of them having been set up during the old MU days by other Marauders, though my method here may be a little different. This is just the one that's made the most sense to me (or non-sense), and sense to my magickal style of thinking; entirely practical and intent-driven.

The Intent: When one of these is set up and switched on, the entire area inside the parameters warps to become more magickal, more allowing, more fantastic. This is the equivalent of making a certain location "haunted", not with ghosts, but with magick. The strange and fantastic is given more of a chance to manifest within these areas. In that sense, it's a sort of reverse-banishing; encouraging strange energies rather than sweeping them out. The entirety of the Network may be said to do this, though in a more haphazard and scattered way. Setting up a Generator focuses on a specific area in space-time contained by a number of points to make a shape over an area, with a central point serving as the vortex.

For this central vortex point, I'll be using the Network Key sigil that was attained through the automatic drawing/spider web chaosphere. The points surrounding it that make up the shape will be the LS drawn on rocks. Because I'm currently in a rural setting, these rocks will likely not be moved or noticed by people (I'll also be using areas of forest, parks, and etc. first off.) For those in more urban settings, hiding a series of tags around an area in order to make a SQUARE or TRIANGLE will suffice. I would recommend trying to make the shape more concise and less obtuse/haphazard, as this sort of sacred geometry concept might account for something. It also requires you to work harder for it, and there's nothing wrong with that!

I'll be considering two types of Generators here, Lesser & Greater.

LESSER: This only means a smaller area is utilized. A single room, a house, yard, a street, field, a single building, etc.

GREATER: An entire town, city, etc. You get the picture. You'll probably need a map.

For my initial purposes, I'll be using a certain space in the forest along a lake trail. Not an incredibly small area, but not very large, either.

I feel I have to note something about the Intent once again. These zones are truly meant to become areas in the world where all the rules no longer work - concentrated vortexes of the Network made real. Hallucinations, spirits, a sense of time expanding or contracting, and all-around other-worldliness is the point. This should be considered in the most extreme sense possible for you.

I'll be using a SQUARE formation because it's easier to make, also being the universal symbol of something "contained" or "a window", etc. Also because 4 boundary rocks + the central vortex sigil make 5, and 5 is always a good magickal number.

A graphic is included below.

If using rocks, I recommend a permanent black marker. With every LS drawn on each rocks, the practitioner then draws the LS in the air with his pointer and middle finger (or a wand or athame) and states, "AND UPON THIS MARK, I UNITE THE WORLDS." By also drawing it out with his fingers he seeks to make an astral imprint upon the object, as well as the physical one. He places these 4 rocks around the area to make the 4 points of a square, all the while visualizing red lines of energy connecting between them.

Once these are placed as well as he can, he heads to the center point. In the center, he uses the largest rock and draws upon it the Network Key (image below). If not using rocks, one could draw this in the dirt, form it out of branches, or tag it somewhere in the central point. For myself, I'll be burying the central vortex stone in the dirt so as to position it within the earth.

When placing the Network Key/Vortex he speaks:


Vortex aflame, the network atones
The mundane is broken, all rules are gone

(simple + complex:)

Hear me from the sanctioned corners!
Elements of Earth, I know you!
Elements of Air, I know you!
Elements of Water, I know you!
Elements of Fire, I know you!
Come flooding within!
Dance wild and scream!
For Upon These Five Marks, I Unite the Worlds

(He draws the Network Key in the air, following the same path that created it. Graphic below.)

Here, there be dragons.



(He visualizes switching on a light by imitating the action in the empty air, saying "ON" when he flips it.)

Take a while to empty your mind and bask/feel the energies of the place.


As a few more notes: This is all about the intent. One could use this in his personal ritual space all the same in order to imbue it with more bang. The point is to make a space that allows for more magick and less of the mundane. This has to do with altering a location inside of space-time. No matter what magickal model you adhere to, this will likely react to one if not all of them. That's about it. That's the technique. Banishing the mundane, creating a magickal field that responds more to intent, ritual, and any magickal act.

The parameters then serve as conductors that connect anything that occurs in there to the network/current, and out into the world in a more technical, less scattered way.



Ellis, Gematria & Tarot
Note: Because these are English words, I've been using the English gematria in rituals as opposed to the Jewish, though each can be added down to the same base number.

Ellis in English Gematria is: 342

3+4+2 = 9

Linking Sigil in English Gematria is: 792

7+9+2 = 18 \ 1+8 = 9

Ellis Linking Sigil in English Gematria is: 1134

1+1+3+4 = 9

Ellis the Linking Sigil in English Gematria is: 1332

1+3+3+2 = 9


This might be called odd, since with the addition of new words the root number hardly ever comes out the same, as this throws the whole value off (For example, "Zalty" and "Zalty Sigil" give completely different roots.) Nonetheless, we get 9 for each of these.

So whats the symbolism of the number 9? This of course varies, but I've usually ascribed gematria roots to the tarot, in which case Ellis comes out as the Hermit. Some won't like or will disagree with this, especially if they've already ascribed Ellis to a more obvious female card (like the High Priestess or whatever). It does however make some sense to me, and you don't need to see the Hermit as explicitly male. These things aren't characters, but nodes of experience and pathways - concepts.

For one, let's get this out of the way: all spiders are hermits from the wolf to black widow; hunters. There's even one spider called the Hermit spider! Pic included below.

In terms of tarot symbolism, Wiki has a lot to say:

"A. E. Waite was a key figure in the development of modern Tarot interpretations. However, not all interpretations follow his theology.

Some frequent keywords are:

Introspection ----- Silence ----- Guidance ----- Reflection
Solitude ----- Looking inward ----- Reclusion ----- Being quiet
Inner search ----- Deep understanding ----- Isolation
Distance ----- Retreat ----- Philosophical attitude

The Waite version of the card shows an old man carrying a staff in one hand and a lit lantern in the other. In the background is a wasteland. Just beyond the wasteland is a mountain range.

The Hermit has internalized the lessons of life to the point that he is the lesson. The Hermit, as a kind of shamanistic hero, has made the complete journey – both the withdrawal and the return. As Joseph Campbell said, "A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man." (The Hero with a Thousand Faces)"

This sort of treatise almost epitomizes the type of journey one encounters when he or she plunges himself into the Ellis Network. He goes right down the rabbit hole, leaving the mundane world behind in favor of wonderland. This seems to speak more about the individual magickal element of working with Ellis than our ideas about the Red Queen herself. It reinforces the concept of Ellis as a bridge to the other world, a crack in reality that one may travel through and explore.

(These recent posts have to do with my recent ritual work with Ellis, and aren't attempting to set any record straight. I found them interesting, maybe you will too.)


Some responses to the original gematria topic for reference.

Ryan Loyd:

I've never dealt much with gematria or other mathematical magicks, as numbers don't speak to me- though 9 seems to be a number of magickal significance in its own right, as the power of 3 times 3, and the number of the Fellowship . The Hermit symbolism resonated strongly with me when I read that- feels right. has the right resonance. What really strikes me the most about All of the Ellis thing is the different paths it leads people on, ever in the evolution of their own story (oftentimes unbeknownst to them- not you guys, but those of casual aquaintence with Her/LS). That's also my worry, as things progress, that people will dismiss their own experience and very real personal significance chasing what other people have found for themselves. I often feel i'm in a position of... Like a Game Master NPC in all this business, while at the same time being off in my own unrelated (or tangentally related ) storyline- though that's probably just my inherent dissociation coupled with my worldview filter... I don't know. I'm rambling now, lost in my own tangent... Good thoughts, good work, keep rollin'

Roderick Taylor:

I'd have to agree with your observation Ellis D. Williams as my own experiences with the Ellis sigil has been nothing but an adventure furthering my own story. The hermit symbolism clicks a lot more than associations with the High priestess. For in my own interaction with the LS and graffiti the Red Queen has taken me deep into wonderland of my own cities (Houston,Tx) occult community and has led to my own Hermit like evolution striping me bear only to return me back ever the fool but all the wiser.

Ellis D. Williams:

"power of 3 times 3", hadn't thought of that. It's fairly common for people to see the LS sigil as a clock pointing to "3:00", and 3 or 3 AM (the witching hour) or 333 has sometimes been associated with her. Cool shit.

And of course 3x3x3 = 27, (or just adding, 9) which is 2+7 = 9, beauty of numbers. But true, I don't usually use this side of it either. It does however help if your putting symbolic weight on ritual actions or items, or just the mental atmosphere, sort of creating a semiotic web around yourself during it.

333 has actually been a sort of unofficial (whatever that means) Ellis number. I even put it as her number in Sigillum due to the popularity. Odd that this simply came about over time, and that almost every combination of usual terms in gematria adds up to 9 as well. Love it.

If that's not an informational web, I don't know what is.



Weird semi-sexual title, old/new technique.

This combines advanced servitor creation with the Golem myth and the Earthenware Virgin, an Austin Spare technique.

"Mace describes a technique he asserts that Spare used called "The Earthenware Virgin." This is a clay vessel with an opening that fits snugly around the sorcerer's erect penis and into which he masturbates. At the bottom of the vessel is a sigil. When the moon passes full, the wizard digs up this clay womb, replenishes the sperm and -'while repeating suitable incantations'- pours it out as a libation on the ground. Then he reburies the urn. Spare cautions that though this technique never fails, it is dangerous, and so he leaves much to be guessed. may suppose that the urn acts as a clay womb in which the wizard breeds a familiar spirit. Such help can be as risky as it is effective, however, for if the wizard is in any way unable to control himself, he will have an even harder time managing a semi-independent power such as this. He must always keep the initiative over it, never allow it any scope for independent action, and always maintain a strict separation between its form and his own. He must never invite it into himself."

The basic premise:

The totemic spider connections to Ellis are well known. This technique aims to create a spider-themed servitor to aid the Marauder. The "3-way" comes in due to 3 primary means of creation - simple, basic and complex.


This is done by the usual means of servitor creation and doesn't entail the use of extra materials (such as clay). One merely creates a servitor that's bound to the network that's envisioned as an astral spider, let's say about the size of a dog or cat, though smaller visualizations are of course entirely apt. One creates a servitor much like he would a sigil, though instead of the seal being made up of a statement of intent, it means to merely symbolize the servitor in some sense. A sigil that looks "magickal" and reminds one vaguely of a spider is good enough, with the LS sigil being placed towards the left of it, or incorporated within. This thing is then charged by the usual or personal methods. It's not forgotten, not fired, but continually empowered and programmed with intent. One begins to treat the servitor as existing, using visualizations often, eventually coming to accept it as an external, though invisible, assistant.

These things can be programmed with a certain mission or purpose - divination, information gathering, protection/defense, offense, so on down the list.

2 - BASIC:

One does the same as "simple", but places a small paper with the servitor seal on it within the center of a ball of clay (red clay is recommended if you can get it.) On this paper, he also writes "SHEM" in Hebrew, or creates a sigil out of the 4 letters. "SHEM" is said to be the word written on paper that was placed into the Golem of Prague to bring it to life (if this is off someone can correct me), and has multiple meanings. There are however other variations to that story. Conversely, one could write the word "LIFE" somewhere on the paper using a personal alphabet or creating a sigil out of the 4 letters. This is largely a matter of personal application, so long as the intent is there. The ball of clay should completely surround the folded paper inside, with no part sticking out. Crumpling up the paper itself into a ball works if your lazy, or anything similar, so long as it is neatly anchored inside. The ball should be smooth and round.

It's then heated in the stove to make it hard, left to cool, then the LS sigil is painted on it in red paint. Conversely, one could draw the LS in the soft clay before heating. This becomes the physical body or anchor of the servitor, and can be easily carried around on one's person.


One does the same as "simple" and "basic", but using a variation of the Earthenware Virgin, the now dry and hard ball of clay is, you guessed it, empowered by sexual fluid. Clay is very porous, so any liquid placed upon it quickly absorbs. Following the Earthenware V. even more closely, one may bury this servitor-vessel somewhere on the grounds of his location so as to "feed the dirt", in the libation way described above. In this sense, the creature becomes a guardian of the household and operates on it's grounds, depending upon it's intended programming. When the moon passes full, the wizard digs up this clay orb, brushes it off, replenishes the fluid rubbed on the outside of it and - 'while repeating suitable incantations' reburies the orb.


Servitors can be tricky if not properly controlled, and this idea is entirely theoretical. There may be some latent dangers, but I suppose there is with all things. Traditionally, one destroys/banishes the SIMPLE by burning all of it's seals (the anchor of the servitor) and then merely forgetting about it, and moving on. To destroy the BASIC & COMPLEX, one would smash open the clay orb with a hammer, destroying it's body, then burning the paper inside. Additional banishing may be in order if it had been empowered to a greater extent. I suppose it's redundant to say "keep your wits about you" when working with LS to this extent in the first place. I may not try this one for some time.



Enlightening and exciting as always. I'm somewhat surprised that the simple method is one that I have been unconsciously doing for years with another entity of mine. Perhaps I'll enter a treatise on Tique in the near future [not to steal thunder or anything]

However, I have an alternative regarding the Golem aspect.

EMET is the hebrew word for "truth", and (if memory serves) was placed upon a golem's head to give it life. It consists of Aleph Mem and Tav.

When one destroys the Aleph, what you're left with is MET which is the word for "dead", ergo opposite of life therefore effectively destroying the Golem. If at any time in the future one would like to, for lack of a better term, reinstate (reincarnate?) it would not be too unreasonable to replace the Aleph.


EMET image attached.

Oistar Polaris

You never posted that picture of the network key. Can you? I want to do this ritual today.
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Polaris, if you mean the thing for the generator, it's this.

You have no idea how many Jesuses I are.

Oistar Polaris

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