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Domus Kaotica Marauder Underground
22 June 2017
11° High Cannabis Magister Fraterino Sheosyrath
Talks on Big Toe Part I
Introduction to Big Toe-ian Ritual Magick

Long ago, in a chatroom far far away... There existed a practice, of the highest order. One that seperated the tastiest oistar from the unwanted. This practice was known as Big Toe. This practice was used for many things, from divination, to the creation of novel ideas and associations, to ritualistic uses and direct magickal workings. The exact methods behind its use have been kept mostly guarded over time; it is only written about sparingly, so much so that its use has fallen into Domus Kaotica* history. In this exposition I will attempt to shed some light on this early practice, and perhaps promote its renewed use.

The core concept behind Big Toe is a commonly studied literary and psychological device called Stream of Conciousness. This device, coupled with magickal intent, is the basic format for Big Toe. Stream of Conciousness is defined as "a person's thoughts and conscious reactions to events, perceived as a continuous flow; a literary style in which a character's thoughts, feelings, and reactions are depicted in a continuous flow uninterrupted by objective description or conventional dialogue." Big Toe as a magickal idea was first created by Frater Alysyrose, and once we spoke about it, I ran with the idea. It was used extensively by many core members for the duration of the Domus Kaotica's early years, before the first EOD Exodus. (2010?) It is still used to this day by Frater Alysyrose in his posts.

The most basic form, or "Big Toe Speak", is a type of magickal talk used for direct exposition of magickal ideas, divination and the discovery of associations. A thought formulated in the purest sense, then it is spoken/typed/written without edit or addition. The mind is cleared and this thought is held in the mind for a moment, then the mind is let free to wander to the next single thought. That thought is spoken/typed/written and held in the mind momentarily, and the process is repeated by the magician until you have reached the desired place, result or idea. It is important to try and keep the mind to a single thought at a time, letting it move smoothly from one to the next without backtracking. It is also important not to keep the mind on a determined pathway, letting it freely "search" for associations, words and ideas in your subconcious.

The second basic form, more an extension of the first, is something I am calling "Link Smithing". It is used for the same types of things as Big Toe Speak, however in a more precise and limited way. The thoughts used in Link Smithing are limited to single word thoughts. The mind is cleared, and a single word is selected and held in the mind. "Rain" for example. Again the mind is let go to freely search for the next association in single word form, "Rain -> Thunder -> Fear -> Darkness". So on and so forth, until the desired result is found. Do not worry if you do not know what the desired result is, you will know soon enough!

The next step is writing your very own Big Toe-ian Ritual! These types of rituals have been used since the dawn of the Domus Kaotica, in such cases as the first Chelseanacht and many others. First, of course, Intent is formulated. Then a keyword, key phrase, or sigilized phrase is selected or created. Big Toe is applied to said key phrase to form a ritualistic introduction text. Next, an action is selected and applied to the growing ritual structure. In the case of rituals, some editing may be required to form a proper energy flow during the rituals start. Write a good bit so you have some space, because a proper Big Toe ritual involves a bit of wiggle room and improv. Take your written up 'Big Toe Guide' and pick you a nice big ol' ritual space.

The most essential component of a Big Toe ritual is on-the-spot mystical energy fueled Big Toe Invocation/Evocation/Exposition. You will start the ritual as per normal ritual guidelines, with an associated herb, sacrifice and/or symbol and the associated key phrase / sigil and numbers. Then start to go from the guide you created of your written Big Toe ritual, however once reaching the culminating point of your rituals introduction and the energy is flowing you will want to switch over into Big Toe Speak to ride the waves of energy, focusing and directing your rituals power. Speak in Big Toe for as long as need be and then either close out the ritual in some familiar way, or go back to your text and repeat the intro as an outro. Finally, 1. Burn some more herb. 2.Banish. 3. ??? 4. Success!

Coming in Part II - The Secret of Ol' Emps (Including Recipes!), How to use Ol' Emps with Big Toe and a new thing I call Big Toe Ropes!

Domus Kaotica* Short for Domus Kaotica Marauder Underground (DKMU)

Robert Solvec:
This is an interesting concept.  It's reminds me of similar techniques I'd use to compose rituals, inspired by the automatic drawing/writing techniques that I read about A.O. Spare. 

I usually keep a variety of journals, for different purposes or moods.  Maybe I'm just very gemini, but if I only keep one journal, then I get too picky about what I write in it.  If I have an official grimoire, along with a poetry notebook, a dream journal, and another pad I use to scribble things and sigils in occasionally etc, I find that I don't hesitate as much to record random moments of possible insight. 

Anytime I think of something that I feel is particularly meaningful, I'll try to write it down in a way that captures the feeling of that particular experience so I can recall it later.  When enough of these things happen, I'll read over them and look for patterns or themes that can be seen through the looking glass of long periods of time that aren't apparent in a moment by moment state of mind.  Like a bird's-eye view of your summer as opposed to the ground level view of a weekend in June.  And sometimes the intuition will piece together a message that gives me goosebumps or just feels right to me in an esoteric sense, and from there I'll organize a ritual (or artwork) to help materialize that feeling in my own life, coming from a place that's hard to find in everyday consciousness. 

I'm sure there's parts I'm forgetting to explain but I have a tendency to rant and convolute, so I'll keep it concise  :)


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