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DKMU International and Multilingual TRANSLATIONS

Started by Thee Uncondemning Momus, November 21, 2014, 09:37:39 PM

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Thee Uncondemning Momus


I want to get straight to the point. I am writing to find out who can (has the skills) to write up current DKMU documents (official, unofficial, and otherwise) in languages other than English (and its varieties, such as American or British)? Can you speak and write in more than one language? Are you from another country and (i don't know who we talk to, perhaps an admin) perhaps would be interested in hosting a mirror of this forum in your langauge? I don't know about the forum past (that's forward thinking), but translating DKMU documents into other language and spreading the word(s) internationally sounds like a plan! Can you help? Will you help!? Let me know, ASAP, and message me on fb, that way I am sure to get your msg (if you are interested in translating documents into another language, or can read OR write in another langauge, because we could use readers, even if they cannot write or translate into another language). Okay. Find us here (we also check back to the forum, weekly or so):

Facebook for Thee Uncondemning Momus (personal page/wall):

Frater Theodbald

Boards in other languages shoudln't be mirrored, they should be hosted here, alongside the other ones.  :)

Also, my native toungue is French.

I think the Oistar guide should be translated into other languages first.  But honestly, I think the assault on reality is translinguistic, everyone hates insubstantia . . .
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There's a couple of chapters/groups in other countries, in particular I know there's one in Italy, the UK, Canada, and there was one in the southern continents as well if I remember right. The thing is, there are people working with the group godforms all over the world. My posts on the DKMU on my blog get hits from every continent just about on a monthly basis.

The Oistar Guide is copyleft, I threw my site link on the last page, and that's all I need from it. I have publisher copies of it if somebody wanted to send me all the text translated, I could easily edit it and make a new pdf copy. I'd do it up in spanish, but I only have a passing knowledge of the language, so translating is best left to someone else. Hope this helps.


Thee Uncondemning Momus

Um thank you both for you input. all the text are available via the members and text area, some are also on scribd... but if you need please just msg me on facebook and I will pass on the copies of the docs i have and we can go from there... idk... I will keep my eye on this site and see what is going on. As far as the other DKMU sites, its not really my interest, just sort of tacted that on, and since everything is copyleft, well control of anything there after is pretty much nonexistent so, people can do what they want... I just thought I would help spur some action, get some texts translated into other languages... and yeah prob. should start with the noob guide and work from there... okay... thank you both for responding, let's see if we get any other interest parties...


hi, as you may know i am from italy, i cannot translate anything but if anyone need informations in my language you can ask me!


Olá a todos, sou brasileiro do grupo magick do caos Khultus Kaotika, e estou interessado em traduções como material de apoio para o nosso grupo. Olá a todos, sou brasileiro do grupo magick do caos Khultus Kaotika, e estou interessado em traduções como material de apoio para o nosso grupo. =)
Khultus Kaotika


I am still willing to plug in translations for the Oistar Guide for other languages. I still have the original publisher doc to do it up.  I did it for the spanish translations, which I believe are on here somewhere...