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Started by Ahavah Ain Soph, June 25, 2017, 08:12:49 PM

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Ahavah Ain Soph

Yo guys, anyone want to help me brainstorm some new holidays for teh dikmoos?
I really like how much effort and magic comes out of Chelseanacht (I'm finishing up the ritual component for this year's Chelseanacht btw, HAVE NO FEAR) and I'd like to start trying to get things rolling with more of that. Have an art day, or a yearly group propaganda op, or something. I'm not sure what other holidays we can get up and running, but it would be really cool to get some more of them rolling. Any ideas? Hit me up, or comment on this thread. Let's splatter dkmu all over the calendar.


How about the day the LS was tagged for the first time?

Not sure what to do with that date, but it seems like it'd have good potential for something.


Chelseanacht - "night to do the impossible", basically dkmu's birthday, a time for large coordinated workings of any sort.

LS anniversary - of the first tagging, if we can find out what day that was (Ryan?) or some other significant marker, like when it was first shared on the internets. Does anyone have a link to that old forum log? I think this would have to be a day for epic tagging sprees, or else workings specifically dealing with the innards of the web.

April fools day - keep it like it is, but make the pranks magical in nature. Or do regular mundane pranks, but put *intent* behind them. Basically a day for disrupting the status quo.

Halloween - help the roaming spooks manifest more fully. Good day to open portals. How many of those characters on the street are kids in masks, and how many are real? The world shall never know. Better give them the good kind of candy.

ZaltFest - a day for nautical sorcery, adventures, intoxicants and revelry, and any combination thereof. Make an offering to Zalty on this day and you're sure to come home (or at least down) safely, no matter what risks you take. Bonus points for talking and/or dressing like a pirate. Maybe this could co-opt Talk Like a Pirate Day/September 19th?

Day to Reconsider Everything - exactly what it says on the tin. Pick a core assumption that you live with and spend the day as if it were not true. Maybe the date of this could be an individual thing, like the anniversary of a day that you Reconsidered Everything.

Space Cadet Audition Demos - a day/night to go reeeally out there, beyond your usual conditions of truth and/or usefulness, and make a serious run at something that you don't expect to grant much return.

DKMU annual masquerade ball - take on a different personality, a different style of dress and speech, different beliefs and different methods, and live it both online and off.

Artgasm - drop what you're doing and paint the world. Make something cool and post pictures/text, or go outside and make your city more spectacular. (I know this name is already in use around the US, what else could we call it?)

You have no idea how many Jesuses I are.


I like the idea for a Space Cadet day, done as like super tinfoil hat day. The day to consider the most absurd and paranoid conspiracies as potential or actual truths.

I like the idea of Zalt fest, but I very much feel that it should be done during the peak of heat in summer, preferably at oceanic gathering spots, with groups of magi.

Halloween pretty well is already a DKMU holiday without formalized group workings, but that can be developed.

I like the idea of a Masquerade ball, and it might do well in the early months of the year, like February perhaps. Encouragement of costume, and persona development. The invocation of a mask itself.

Also, there's the Ellisian Generator that's done on New Year's Eve. I know very little about it, but I'm sure more venerable members would know about it.

Ahavah Ain Soph

So I was digging through the Wayback Machine trying to find when the original post was made. I couldn't get an exact date, but the latest post was made on April 15th, 2004, and due to there being something like 125 replies, I'm going to estimate marchish as the initial date. We might just need to estimate from there, and make an anniversary around that time on a convenient day that seems close enough to accurate to matter, and maybe tie in some other form of symbology with it if possible?


Why not hold ZaltFest on International Talk Like a Pirate Day?


"The peak of heat in summer, with groups of magi" while I agree that would be best, that time slot is pretty much already taken by Chelsea. Too many holidays close together that push for meetups risk spreading resources thin. Unless, maybe if it was right after Chelseanacht? Like an after party, a few days or a week later?

I was thinking some of the holidays be more amenable to individual celebration for the same reason. Although you certainly could get a group together for any of them.

You have no idea how many Jesuses I are.


I just mark chelseanaut and the discordian holidays. Also, always celebrate your unbirthday. Every unbirthday is an excuse to drink.