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That shitty thing everyone keeps talking around...

Started by Vortex7, May 29, 2017, 06:12:24 PM

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"There is a thing beyond the realm of god's and egregores, A living self-propagating idea that seeks to devour all life,So subtle is existence that even the greatest mages rarely perceive it,It hooks itself into human needs and exaggerates them beyond necessity,Insatiable lust, avarice, and greed are its main function,Simultaneously taking the human image and bloating it creatingan ego reliance similar to drug addiction,The Great Replicator uses all means to conceal itself and once perceived attempts to destroy those who have seen it."

Been talking with a lot of members about this alien force. A self propagating idea but living.Someone said it was basically what the mask of trigag was representing.To explain what I mean by that is that  in essence all we do is use masks to perceive the grand pattern all the egregores are just masks for things within the grand pattern greater than can what be conceptualized.But this force seeks to destroy all life. almost like its terraforming the planet. This is severe conjecture. However there is this thing and when you touch on it or perceive it and it perceives you perceiving it time and memory become completely warped.

Who else has experienced this or similar?

Roni Jean

It's out there, it takes a variety of shapes, seems to lock onto the more selfish motivations. I have called it corruption, or the program, and certainly other things depending on the type of presentation I am dealing with.

Communication helps fight it. Keeping a level head, not letting it stir up trouble where there needn't be any. Watching it sidelong seems to be the best way to track it directly. More often I try to track the types of presentation. Irrational insecurities popping up in detrimental ways, or common themes of issues. I also take note of sudden changes in group dynamics, and try to discern whether there are underlying issues coming to a head, or if someone was getting somewhere with their efforts and got the attention of the "program."

I especially watch for pressure on folks fighting in the AoR. Common themes show up more regularly there, and it's an easier place to cross reference the intuitive leads I get on the topic than the mundane world usually provides. It's an interesting thing to watch, and I find my work is more effective if I take the current tactics at play into account.