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Author Topic: Meeting Ellis on the Beach  (Read 1089 times)

Roni Jean

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Meeting Ellis on the Beach
« on: June 26, 2017, 05:03:16 pm »

The following was from Memorial Day weekend, 2017, on the shores of Lake Huron:

Saturday night I was sitting on the beach with my back to the fire. It was gaining on midnight, and I was watching Ellis walk down the sand from the place to the West she insisted I tag earlier in the day. She came to where I sat, took my face in her hands, and informed me that I was to stay focused here. I looked to the construct of my earlier working, just a few feet away in the other direction. She pulled my attention gently, but firmly back to her, and pointed behind her, where the network we both know so well highlighted itself and those I work with through it.
She said "We need you here with us."
I spent some time on the LS web then, to keep myself away from the other working, to give some space to the grief of the situation, and to reinforce my place in the work I do through the LS network. I found a quiet spot out there and pulled much of myself into the version me in that place, drawing into that form until I was glowing like a white hot blazing flame streaked with colors. Then I screamed. I watched some of the threads of the web take on that color streaked glow, and then I watched them shatter. I don't know what the results of this experience and imagery will be, but I am certain I will find out eventually.
It also happens that my work as a psychopomp seemed to gain me favor with the lake. The following day storms literally parted around us - rain coming right up to the edge of the shore but never touching the sand between the water and the yard of the house I was staying in, despite the storms rolling in on three sides. Reading the clouds as I took a walk down the beach, I watched worlds merge (many times over) in both the deep slate clouds to the East, and in the colorful, shifting, sun streaked embers of the clouds to the West.
As I returned to the cottage, I was called into the freezing waters of lake Huron. I charged into the lake from the dry beach, where they had watched rain striking the water only minutes before while I was out walking. There was lightning crashing to the East over Port Austin, and rain streaming down into the water out to the North. The front that continued rolling in from the West was back-lit by the sun setting, which created intense imagery in an ever shifting spectacle. That front never made it to us, instead continuing to split to the North and South around our small strip of beach and it's collection of houses.
Diving into the water, I embraced the cold waves that surrounded me. Pulling on the filtered rays of the sun, I deciding that they would be able to keep me warm enough to be safe while I worked. I walked out into the lake until the waves washed over my shoulders, then I got to work. I pulled threads from all of the physical components present, then from the resonance of every merging plane and world I had read in the clouds. Braiding them together, I then wove them through the nexus that I carry, building a copy for the working at hand.
Standing in icy water up to my shoulders, I drew the LS in the sand at my feet. Then I dove to draw my own symbol by hand in tandem with the other. Standing once more amid the waves, I grounded the new nexus in the dot of the LS, and walked out of the water just as the lightning in the East picked up once again.
Later, I watched something drag that newest construct out into the deeper waters. I contemplated how moving it further out would likely make life easier on the inhabitants along the shore. It seems there will be a crossing point off the thumb of Michigan out in lake Huron should it be needed.

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