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Chelseanacht 2017 (Operation: Trojan Storm)

Started by Ahavah Ain Soph, July 12, 2017, 05:56:56 PM

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Ahavah Ain Soph

Many of you have been establishing mirror network nodes on a city scale where you live. I promised that this would be met with a working to tie the Marauder and Domus Khaotica elements of this year's Chelseanacht group working together. Well, I've been working on how to accomplish the aims I outlined when you guys decided to join up, and this was the result. Without further ado, I present Operation Trojan Storm:

The idea is to utilize the software of Operation 531, and encase it within a mega-construct designed to create a gravity well/lighthouse sort of effect in order to draw people into the progression of 531, the alchemical process of base materia to gold. A protocol built and established in 2015, 531 was the second working in this vein, the first being Chelseanacht 2014 wherein we established the first such City Node over many blocks in the French Quarter (New Orleans). 531 utilizes the Godforms/egregores to draw an individual through the series of trials/processes individualistically towards adepthood. Operation: Trojan Storm is intended to be something of a siege weapon in the Assault on Reality. This construct will be built as a tower in the middle of cities worldwide out of the city nodes which were placed. I decided to do most of the work of designing and executing the parts myself, due to the April Fool's working and what I learned from that. These are essentially ready made, and this can be repeated whenever a city node goes up to reinforce the idea via sympathetic magic for each new city node (If so desired).
These constructs should be printed out. Theo will be cleaning them up, and I'll offer them as a zip file so that they can be printed and used in your working. Throughout this practice, use whatever body/hand motions feel comfortable to accomplish the visualization.

Foundation Construct:
This construct is designed to establish connection and power from the city node itself and act as the linking factor (ayyyyy) between that node network and the construct itself. This should be envisioned as laying over the city node, and each LS on this construct lit up and filled with light from the node itself.
Intone: IA ELLIS TEHADIYA IA IA repeatedly until the visualization is strong and cohesive, then progress to the next construct.

Earth Construct:
This construct is designed to provide the raw material for the rest of the tower/well. 663 is the initiator, and serves this function well. Envision the foundation construct, and place this one atop it, the external LS's in the hexagram should focus into the center doombringer seal and from there, light the rest of this construct up. See it initially as stone, which as the light of the foundation construct begins to disperse within it becomes mutable and workable.
Intone: IA DOOMBRINGER VERA'AHIYE IA IA continuously until the visualization is strong and cohesive, then progress to the next construct.

Air Construct:
This construct is designed to provide the building plans, arrangement and placements, of the raw materia which is represented by the previous construct. You should see the liquid stone of the Earth construct filling this and being molded by it into a tower like shape. It should fill the entire structure with itself as air, and the structure should feel as if it is molded by the intelligence of this construct.
Intone: IA INO BETZAKELARIYSAZE IA continuously while this visualization is occurring until it is solid, cohesive, and feels correct.

Water Construct:
This construct is designed to establish the resonant tone or subconscious resonance of the rest of the construct. See this first atop the tower built in the previous stage of construction, and then see it turn to liquid and fill the entire casing with itself until it spills over.
Intone: IA TRIGAG CHIDAQAVEGANA IA IA repeatedly until this process has finished, then progress to the final construct.

Fire Construct:
This construct is designed to establish the projection and manifestation of the mega-construct into the world. Envision a cap being placed on the top of the tower built, and place this construct in the center of the cap. See it spin until it ignites with flame and the light pours out into the world. The light itself should feel as if it both projects outward, and draws inward.
Intone: IA ZALTY RAHEFATZASIKA IA until this visualization is complete, and you feel the heat from the light of the fire in what is now the completed lighthouse visualization.
Now as you intone this final part, see the entire structure working together, and see all of the parts cohesively become one, as if they had never been separate.
During this process, intone:

Close the ritual as you choose.

Izumi "Darkwave" Izayoi

Aye aye capi-tan!
You seem like you've got the math all worked out so with this being my first Chelseanacht I have had any involvement with I'll gladly leave it to you!
Ya ho!



Cross posted from Facebook.

Last night while I was in deep chemognosis and walking to the creek to perform the shattering of the mirror shards, Bill Cipher appeared to me in the sky and then revealed himself as Black Trigag. He taunted me and told me he would have a prominent role in Chelseanacht and that I would be challenged. I told him "Fuck you, Trigag" and accepted his challenge. (It was the American sort of "Fuck you" said almost endearingly but also to stand my ground.)

While there after starting the ritual, I was caught pants down doing magick by two people passing by, and played it off well, defeating my social anxieties regarding magick. It turned out to be one of the best and most perfectly visualized rituals I've ever done.

On the walk back I had a strong feeling that Trigag was going to appear to me as a violent person I would have an encounter with in the dark, so I had to visualize and cast some strong magick to empty the trail ahead of people. This experience taught me a lot about the scope, size, and nature of my reality bubble and psychic field, and gave me insights on my personal system.

All in all it was a very good night involving one of the most profound experiences I have had as a magician to date.

Come at me, bro. See you on Chelseanacht.

Ahavah Ain Soph

Here's a link to the cleaned up images (Courtesy of Theo, thanks dood). Download, print, and use at your leisure :)


Cross posted from Facebook.

I went out tonight to search for Ino. Alas, she is the mystery, I cannot find her. I evoked her strongly though so I think I'll see her later.

I feel that I'm corkscrewing backwards through the godforms, starting with Black Trigag. Tomorrow on Chelseanacht's Eve, while I place the shards, Doombringer will be on my mind. And Ellis then arrives the day of Chelseanacht itself! Splendiferous!

While traveling to Arcade Creek, I used the meditation method from the Liber Null of walking cross-eyed with my fingers twisted. It brought me some gnosis but not Ino, though during the walk I realized that she was a mystery and I would have to find her myself. She would not be boisterously invading my reality bubble as Black Trigag had the night before.

I had come to Arcade Creek for another purpose as well; to request its cooperation in becoming an instance of Alice Hart's portal ritual. The operation was a success, as expected. Phase two of that project now begins.

Perhaps Ino is hiding through the looking-glass. Tomorrow, I place the mirror shards. AYA AYA DOOMBRINGER!

Roni Jean

This is beautiful, Ahavah, thank you for the work you put into this. I look forward to throwing my woo behind it.


I felt that my visualizations last night weren't nearly as strong as I would've liked them to be. This is due to me getting almost no sleep after placing the mirror shards the previous night. In the next week or two (or maybe even many times over the next days and weeks) I'll be using the extra mechanisms I placed to connect into the tower and perform some visual maintenance to get it really spinning at full power.

I won't see much from the tower downtown if I'm not yet satisfied with the tower in my head.

I can use the piece of the anchor mirror that I kept to project an image of the remote tower on my local altar; any changes to the local projection of the tower should affect the remote one, and it should be at a much easier scale for me to work with.

It'll be just like pushing updates to GitHub.
The tower out there is the same one as the tower in here.

When you really think about it, these towers are no different from servitors or tulpas. While the mirror shards we placed will act as a physical anchor as long as they remain and an ethereal one afterwards, the towers are fed just as much by the network as by your continued recognition of their existence. That's why I think that persistent visualization will ultimately be the key to the success of this operation. Do not ignore or neglect your tower; re-enforce it frequently, and be sure to check up on what it's doing from time to time, and make adjustments if necessary.

Roni Jean

I did my part for this sitting in full sun in the back yard around 4/4:30pm on Chelseanacht. I was very pleased with the visualization, and intonations allowed/caused me to slow the process enough to ensure detailed attention was paid to the entire process.

I experienced distinct synchronization during the course of this process. I made it to zalty, with the godforms interacting very well with my process, the visuals coming together smoothly, and several reiterations of each segment during the individual intonations to fill in details clearly. At that point things were not quite willing to come together. I found myself thinking I was forgetting something, when I had a video chat come through. Another DKMU member, who was in the middle of doing his own thing for Chelseanacht. We have an ongoing project, for which I often use my nexus. Since I was using my phone to run music, the forum for this post, and a chat head for the message I sent myself with the pictures of the constructs for easy access, his video call inserted itself into the middle of my ritual. This reminded me that I am supposed to be doing my personal work in conjunction with the group work I involve myself in.

As soon as I place my nexus within the tower the construct clicked in and activated properly. I let the call go, gave the final intonations, and felt the process finalize. As it locked in, I double checked the pieces, finding everything in place and functional. I enjoyed this particular tie-in quite a lot as my nexus project bridges the planes I have access to, making the tower for this working the perfect working to weave the nexus into.

Overall, this was a very gratifying project to take part in. I greatly enjoyed my part in the mirror placement for the Detroit node, and I love the tower building ritual that completed the project. Thank you so much for you work in this Ahavah.


More info about my Tower.

First picture is the five parts of the tower ritual, along with the tower address, which distinguishes my tower apart from the others. The humorous text is not part of the tower address.

The second picture is the tower key. It's a small nut which was originally affixed to the end of the truck mirror I used as the anchor mirror shard, and had probably been attached to it for many years before I came to possess it. Therefore I reason that it contains an ethereal memory of and link to the anchor mirror. I use this key to link directly to and project the tower within my altar. Then I can treat the projection on my altar as being the actual tower, and make changes and adjustments more easily.

The link from key to mirror is strongest within the line of site between downtown Sacramento and the general North Highlands / Citrus Heights area where my apartment is located, because this is the direction in which I faced the mirror when I placed it.


The placing of the mirrors for the Detroit node went quite smoothly.  Our team of five (Tszura, Roni, Nashan, Jack, and I) covered an area of just over 72 square miles in about 3 hours.  On Chelseanacht, Tszura and I performed the ritual, having printed out the seals for the tower components on tracing paper to facilitate easier visualization.  The room was cool when we began, but about 5 minutes into it, sweat was quite literally cascading off of me.  I could feel the power coursing through me as a slow pulse, accompanied by a prickling sensation in my lower back.  The visualization came easily for both of us as we built the beacon tower piece by piece, building each chant to a crescendo and releasing the voo into each section.  Build, release, build, waves crashing upon the rocks of Reality.    Upon completion, there was very definitely *something* where *something* had not previously been.  Pictured is the altar we put together specifically for this ritual and also a "microaltar" built from the bones of a cat found while placing the mirrors.  The stone is from the quadruple crossroads at the location of the LS's "dot".  The microaltar is intended to serve as an interface between the beacon tower and I.