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New IRC Room, Tarot, historical and application discussions.


new IRC room for the discussion of tarot.

Historical and technique discussions.

Card of the day will be discussed and Logged into cohesive writings. All contributors will get credit by their screen name.
At the end of the whole deck a PDF will be released.

And this room is...?

Hi Kiki :)

Unfortunately Vortex7 aka AveCthonos aka Branch left the DKMU  :(   FB, IRC, forums and all. You can read his thoughts here  and a part of the debate is here

He left this idea and his book club behind, so I guess there is no new room.

jesse zak:
I can take this over. Stop on by. I'm funny.

I'll be making my own tarot bot, I've got an algorithm and a magic number.

Today's card: Four of Swords

I am actually going to write a book on the tarot myself, based on the C:.D:.I:.A:. system.

I would like someone else to paint the deck though, with my instructions.

I will not include astrology in the system, but it will hold 78 cards as is usual.



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