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Author Topic: Yuri 2013 Ghost story Event - Matsuyama Japan  (Read 2757 times)


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Yuri 2013 Ghost story Event - Matsuyama Japan
« on: September 21, 2013, 01:10:11 am »


Another day at work had left ひろきdrained. Living alone didn't make things any better, the いなか is a terrible place for a young man to find a nice girl, but when his boss in Osaka decide to position him in the companies countryside offices he had no choice. A necessary evil for a future promotion.

ひろき had tried meeting girls in the local bars, but eventually turned to online dating. He’d had one or two dates, and nothing had come from them. Hopeful, he continued looking for girls in his area.

That evening he sat down before his computer and checked his mail, the usual junk, a message from his mother, some work files he’d forwarded to himself, and a message notification from a dating website he was a member of. Curious, clicked on the link and went to his message inbox. A blank message awaited him. Puzzled he continued on to the girl’s page and found a mostly blank site, a picture of a white flower as profile picture and a short bio containing little more than a phone number and a few personal details.

Returning to his mail box he sent a reply, ‘こんばんは、おなまえは?’
A reply came back almost immediately, ‘あたしは百合さんです’
The rest of the evening was spent mailing each other via the website. 百合 seemed somewhat shy, but she slowly began to share more and more with him.

The days past and every evening was spent mailing each other until finally a week later ひろき got the courage to call her. Dialling the number into his keitai he immediately heard a message informing him that this phone number no longer existed. He put the phone down, disheartened, and began writing a message to 百合 when suddenly his land line phone began ringing. He walked over and picked up the phone. Static greeted him, and then slowly from out of the noise a voice came through. 


They talked for hours. The next night she called again. This continued for a few days when finally    ひろきdecided to call her at work. The same recorded message replied to him, informing him that this number no longer exists. He waited, he couldn’t use the company phone for a private call.

On returning home he prepared food, and sat down in front of his computer again, ready to see if 百合 had sent him a new message. He knew that now he had finally found someone he could really communicate with, someone he could trust, even someone he hoped he could one day love. This might just be the best thing that had happened to him. Maybe being posted in the いなか was a blessing in disguise.
A message awaited him, ‘明日会うことができる?’

His breath caught in his throat. He would love to meet this girl, but he’d never seen her face and he’d only ever talked to her via the website and over the phone. This could be a great chance, but he couldn’t help but feel nervous. He replied after a few minutes and agreed. This could be amazing for him. What an great chance!

The next day he thought long and hard about what he would say, where he would take her and even thought to stop by the florist and pick up some lily’s, her favourite flower on the way home. He wanted to make this night special.

On returning from work he showered and changed, then sat down to his computer to organise a time and place to meet up finding an address on the outskirts of town in a mail waiting for him. As he did so the land-line phone rang. He paced over quickly, lifted the receiver only to hear an agonised shriek of raw static and screams. 百合 cried over the frightening turbulence,  ‘助けて!助けて! 今すぐ来て!’
Throwing the phone down ひろき wrote the address down as fast as he could, ran for the door, leapt into his car and sped off to find her. He had no idea what he would find, panic gripped his heart.

Driving as fast as he could he reached the address on his cars GPS, a quiet side of the nearby mountain. There was nothing around, all the local buildings having been torn down, untended rice fields and un-lit street lights. Finally he came to the only source of light on the road, an old phone booth, insects buzzing around drawn to the flickering light inside. Stopping the car, ひろき tried to call 百合on his keitai again only to get the same dead number message. Confused and frustrated he got out of the car to use the land-line. As he walked he noticed the phone box was surrounded by countless dead lily petals, hundreds of them, blowing gently in the warm early-autumn breeze. He opened the phone box door and reached for the phone when suddenly it rang.

Ring ring….. ring ring….. ring ring….

Slowly he reached forwards and lifted the phone, putting it to his ear.


His body fell to the ground, his dead eyes looking out into the darkness as the lily petals blew away into the night.

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