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Creating One's Own Sigil Alphabet

Started by Curiouser and Curiouser, July 26, 2013, 06:50:46 AM

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Curiouser and Curiouser



I've created my own sigil alphabet.  The idea occurred to me a while back, because I've liked making my own alphabets and runes since I was a little one.

What I did to accomplish this is take each sound that is used regularly in speech in the language I use most often (English) and wrote down a series of words that begin with that sound, and specifically chose words that pleased me, or whose connotations I appreciate.  Then I would draw little stylized symbols based off of that word, and continue to stylize them until they became their own thing.  They involve little lines and dots, mostly; the lines being the main body of the thing and the dots being sticky-out points or whatnot.

I'll write them down in paint and share them if people like, and show you a couple of sigils that I've made with them.  I have a few questions that I wanted to pose to the other folks here, though:

1) They seem to lack oomph so far.  I've had better results with English letters.  I'm trying to wrap my head around why this is.  Is it because they aren't more widely known/shared?  Is it because I'm still learning to associate them with their sounds/concepts?  I want them to be filled with go-juice, but they feel like underbrewed white tea when I want them to be gunpowder green with yerba mate.

2) What do you think of trying to write the LS in an alternative alphabet?  Would it link my alphabet to the English alphabet for the purposes of khaos magick?  Would it, well, bug people if I tried to do this?  Would it help?  Would it hinder?

3) Is this a common practice?  Has anyone else reading this tried to create their own sigil alphabet?  If so, how did it work?


They make lack oomph because you need to charge em up.
The LS may help to get the energies flowing, but i would learn to charge them. Experiment and find a way that suits your flavor.

I started with sparian sigils, english letters. But the hybridization that you see in some dkmu sigils really speak more to the deep mind, the subconscious or whatever. By hybridization i mean look at my photo for example. i incorporated bindrunes, english letter sigils, pictures, including animal imagery, kameas and some that just make themselves.

This is somewhat of a common practice, google the alphabet of desire for some ideas.
Sounds like fun stuff, keep it updated.


Righteous. Sigil Alphabets are on my to do list, although I did form a magical note language when I was wiccan and lost it when I was mundane. Svipal is right on, charge those suckers up in a variety of ways. I experimented with that too... but with elements. What I did was invoke the element through meditation. Although I have an odd way of doing it, but I digress. Spare has one as well, and there's one in Liber Null.


I know this is an old thread, but I know something of this so:
I created my own alphabet years ago that I use exclusively for the purposes of magick- it took a while to fully integrate it before it became truly effective. 

I see no reason that writing the LS in an alternate alphabet couldn't work, but you'd have to hold your mind just right to infuse it with the right resonance- and you might lose the "recognized symbol bonus" and certain pointed inherent symbolism, but perhaps not.  Hell, try it.  why not?  Most of the Ellis variants work so, give it a whack.

and by all means connect your alphabet to the Ellis web.  I'd write out your alphabet and tag the paper with Ellis with the Intent of increasing your alphabet's magickal potence.

Much like any spell work, you just have to Mean it when you use your alphabet- and I find it's the Words you write with them that matters.    And the Reasons for having a unique alphabet are 1) so that it Looks more magickal than these letters we see everyday, helping on a subconscious level to shift our mind into a state of difference where magick can more easily happen  and 2) to avoid pre-programmed resonance of the letter symbols themselves (this is why I don't use the Futhark runes- they all mean something, and have for a very long time- that resonance echoes and can screw with your spell.  And the alphabet We use- in nearly every preschool through third grade class in america, A is red and stands for Apple.  Why the fuck would I want apples in my spell?  It probably doesn't matter Much, but it Can matter- at least over here in My world)