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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose for Evocation

Started by empath23, July 27, 2013, 07:58:38 AM

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I have been re-experimenting lately with the Ergine containing hbwr seeds. I've tried them probably 10 times in the past, and every time I ended up
nauseous and just generally not having a very good time. But, despite past failures, I decided to give it another shot. I've done it 3 times recently,
all three experiences were completely mind blowing. There is a good amount of nausea first he first hour and a half or so, accompanied by a drunken
sort of drowsiness. When the two hour mark hits, despite being very intoxicating for the first part of the experience, I go into hyperspeed. It gives
me an incredible amount of energy, and with that energy comes euphoria and hallucination. I've noticed that only very high doses really give the
amount of visuals to it that would be comparable to LSD, but the experience is actually quite similar to it (lsd).
Now, for those of you who don't know me from facebook, I've been working with this egregore that i've created, which is now being used
by a number of people. The general information and sigils can be found here:
The ritual was not traditional by any means. An invocation was used, and then I layed down, and began writhing in ecstasy! It was like
being possessed by a loa, dancing and moving as though some demon were inside me, and then I knew her: Apophenia.
Next was the evocation. The spirit Psinpermek appeared vividly within a mirror, pulsating with energy, his face rippling in the darkness.
These seeds are great as an entheogenic vehicle, you wont be disappointed.
My dose was 20 seeds (which I do not recommend), the only reason I chose to dose so high is because I take an SSRI antidepressant,
which greatly diminishes the effect of psychedelic tryptamines. Someone who were not on such a drug should take only 8-14 of them (some reports
saying strong effects felt after 10).
Anyways, feedback is appreciated. I'm getting more of these little things today, and luckily i've obtained some raw leaf Salvia Divinorum,
i'll use that to potentiate the hallucinogenic effects of the lsa, and will report back in the near future.


I've noticed that the use of LSA (which is what's in hbwr seeds and certain types of Morning Glory seeds) is great for getting one in a trance for invocation and astral projection. Though, a quick word of advice, ingesting them is the best way to take it, but only if you process it ( The way I normally take it, because i don't have those ingredients, is sublingually. Grind up the seeds and let them sit in your mouth for as long as possible (I recommend 15-30 min) then spit them out. It will slowly start taking effect. Doing it that way prevents the nausea portion of the drug, but makes it a little weaker (depending upon how much seed grit you want to hold in your mouth).


I have since ceased the use of HBWR seeds. The physical discomfort started becoming too great for me to stand, and at the end i always ended up feeling so hyperactive that I didn't feel I had control of my body. I had become possessed on more than one instance by an external entity that I believe to be a psychic attack, but I cannot be certain. I still have the rest of them laying around, but I cannot for see myself using them at any time within the future.

That being said I am currently experimenting with several other novel members of the tryptamine family that may bear some positive benefit. What was good about LSA is the ability to still read and recite incantations without being impaired, while having the visionary advancement to visibly see the entity. I am looking to hopefully replicate that effect with a different substance, but we shall see.


I would not use these for OBE - evo or invocation, perhaps.

What you must consider is that differing cousins have differing effects. The Baby Woodrose is quite different from the Rivea Corymbosa variety. Although one requires more of the Rivea, the effect is also different. My monkey had experimented with these quite a bit. The Rivea is quite a bit more like LSD. The Woodrose is more like a mystical entheogen, wherein my monkey had found what he could only describe as God. These are true entheogens, so care is required. My monkey had never experimented with morning glories, as the amount required is vast, though this might prove a different experience as well. The monkey would recommend the Rivea for an LSD-like experience (without much visuals, at all) and Woodrose for a more mystical/bordering on religious experience. Begin small, and know how to dose. None of these, however, as something that you'd want to be taking often.



Thanks, I am going to train my monkey to grow these seeds ( Rivea Corymbosa). Normally my monkey works with heavenly blue or Hawaiian baby woodrose My monkey likes having these plants just around in general. My monkey has an interesting relationship with them, as in being in the presence of the live plant gives a low grade effect some may call placebo but sometimes gets stronger, maybe my monkey is mad? My monkey likes growing these plants, hawaiian baby woodrose seems hard to grow in this climate though, but if this other plant works as well has heavenly blue or better, then maybe my monkey will grow both of those.

Is there much of a difference between heavenly blue and Rivea Corymbosa as far as nausea? My monkey noticed a drastic difference between heavenly blue and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose naseua wise at comparable effects, although my monkey gets a more overall sedated trance effect out of the Hawaiian.

That being said, back to the point, I can see the writhing in exstacy part with hawaiin baby woodrose, in my experience, (and have had similar with amanita and other more "intoxicating" psychedelics). that you either get "drunk nausea" or a "euphoria" depending on what your doing. A lot of the more nauseating psychedelics seem to have more mystical connections they want to do, and the more my monkey goes in that direction the better experience my monkey gets physically and mentally. I guess what i am saying is my monkey has similar experiences, and usually when it happens some sort of entity ends up involved. Like the thing he met when he blew some yopo up his nose.