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Author Topic: Lessons Taught  (Read 1851 times)

Ianas Tebron

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Lessons Taught
« on: December 09, 2013, 05:03:44 pm »

Smiley here, thought I would leave a few personal lessons here that my experience with the DKMU has gifted me. Much of this has probably been written elsewhere, but I thought I would leave my own perspective on it. Now most people who come here probably have a sense of what magic truly is, but a few maybe as naïve as I was. Knowledge is not wisdom, and without the experience no amount of knowledge gained or abstract ideas will come close to the real thing. With that in mind I will leave a few tips/ideas here before the working to come here soon. Also I am going to try to have more of a presence here on the forum to try to make this place a little less dead.

#1. Maintain a strong regimen of meditation. This is an important point, as meditation will help with any blockages or emotional hang ups during the work.

#2. Give yourself fully to the current. Let the experience melt away the boundaries you hold so dear and rest in the knowledge that you have come to this road for a reason. That reason is both personal and universal.

#3. Not everyone is going to like you. Families have disagreements, it's a universal law like gravity. Beauty, Variety, Conflict.

#4. Attitude is not everything, but it counts for much.

#5. Persevere.

#6. If I can pass the trials, so can you.

#7. This is a group without anyone being a designated leader. Some members take a more active role but all contribute. Rely on the group, not just one person from the group. Everyone is here to assist the fool.

#8. Do not give full trust to one person. There are outside pressures intent on stopping this momentum. While this is futile, why make it easy for them?

#9. After the final working stay in contact with people. Otherwise why even bother to start in the first place? Might as well just study alone.

#10. Red Dwarf is the greatest show ever made. Not really relevant, but I wanted ten points down on paper and since this working I have a new found respect for the show.



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