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Author Topic: Solar eclipse concept and execution: Operation Snakes through the Planes!  (Read 4842 times)


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First, the concept and sigils, reposted from Scroll down to the next post if you've seen this already.

To link Nature (life and matter) to Magick (input from other realities, or directly from Khaos) through the symbol of the dragon. Emphasis is on the dragon as a mythical beast, used interchangeably with the serpent as an emblem of envenomation and transformation. Success would mean a great cut-and-stitch between this reality and others, expressed by an increase in magic everywhere, particularly in those areas where the wild lifeforce reigns – that is, everywhere but the blandest parts of the CR, which will come under further strain and assault. Widespread visions and synchronicities related to snakes and dragons are anticipated... some have already occurred.


(This isn't a sigil, just a diagram)

The sun is conceptualized as the Apollonian source of mundane reality, overpowering the stars which project alternative realities. The Vision of Tiamat - the Chaos wyrm tunneling through the worlds and across the sky – is the LS, identified with the moon, which is a lens of sorts projected through Aelie by an unknown source of power which is the collective will and magick of the web. The lens moves to eclipse the sun, instead becoming a portal for the influence of the other. The beam of shadowlight which streams through this portal is associated with Montangesav, and takes the form of a swarm of magical serpents which break through the portal, streaming both ways between the dragon-shaped energy of this world – Kundalini – and that of the otherworlds. These many snakes are associated with the phenomenon of shadow bands. Every inch of space and every living thing that the shadow stream touches will be hit with a draconic octarine firebolt that attempts to entwine their very lifeforce with magick. The snakes’ bodies solidify bridges between Here and There, running along the lines already defined by the connections of the web.

There will be multiple people/groups doing rituals with a similar intention and concept along the path of the shadow, so it will encounter our message in repetition. For the most part, I speak for the working group consisting of myself, Alice Hart, Ahavah Ain Soph and possibly Jason Luxon operating out of Seattle and travelling to Oregon for the solar eclipse.

Clarification of some terms:
(As much as they can be clarified, based on existing knowledge)

Aelie - If each linking sigil is a crack in everyday reality, Aelie is the aspect of the web that grows into those cracks, widening them and promoting change. I understand it/her as the connective body of the web, a kind of alien plant thing transporting magick like sap. Kind of Ellis and kind of not. It is Alive, invasive and charges the hell out of everything she touches. It was the focus of my work on last year's Chelseanacht.

Montangesav - The "black queen" that was encountered earlier this spring. She's expressed herself in visions as an enormous dark world serpent, and for this and other reasons, we believe that her appearance at this time is in relation to this working. The common perception that people get from her is of an increase in gravity and a sense of everything kind of pulling together. Thus, our theory is that she is the web attempting to materialize on denser planes of existence. In any case, we think she can serve such a function.


This is the connection sigil for linking works across distance:

This is a programming sigil for the operation:

I have a painted version which combines the two sigils by placing the first in the center of the second, and moving the LS down into the chaostar. This will be the centerpoint of our ritual in Oregon.
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New moon - July

On the night of July 23rd, when the moon was new and both it and the sun had moved into Leo, Alice and Ahavah and I called whatever is draconic in us and spoke the following into a dedicated fire:

1. Nildovah Bo (The void dragon flies)
2. Leinselo motaad, leinsezaamhus motaad (The world of lies shudders, world of slavery shudders)
3. Nau sul se grind, vomindok dovah du shul (On the day of meeting, the unknowable dragon devours the sun)
4. Voth Aelie, Krein viin do zeim (Through Aelie, the sun of magic shines from beyond)
5. Shaan riiselaas Kundalini alok (Inspire essense of life Kundalini arise)
6. KoraavseTiamat, miiraaksehahnu bex (The vision of Tiamat, portal of dreams opens)
7. Motangesav, vithrath zoor meyz gol (Motangesav, serpentriver legend become earth)
8. Jul mindoraan, pogaan sunvarreselah vokrii staadnau rovaan (Mankind understanding, many monsters of magic revived unbound wander)
9. Daalsediiv, daalselah (return of Dragon, return of magic)
10. Fah nau daar sik, mu aav leinne (For upon this mark, we unite the worlds)


With this we expressed the skeletal structure to the cosmos, so that the rest can form around it. We presented it in a format almost like a prophesy being spoken, with a lot of freeform speech to surround it as inspiration took us. I've since been empowering the rite multiple times daily, and it has definitely picked up steam.

Full moon - August 6th-7th

This is a call to all interested parties to project the LS sigil onto the full moon in whatever way suits you. In the conceptual framework above, the LS is identified with the moon to intercept consensus reality and instead form a portal to other planes; now is the time to make that fusion happen. There is a partial lunar eclipse visible across Africa and Eurasia if you want to make use of that. We'll be using Qi Gong exercises and possibly the Bow of Artemis to shoot the LS onto the moon like an arrow. This alone should cause some serious wonky reality effects in spheres ruled by Luna, so, prepare yourself :)
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Snakes through the Planes - Op STTP - Serpo-Temporal Transfer Protocol

Here's my writeup, in several parts. Not going to apologize for the length. I’m fucking tired, and it’s already pared way down from my own notes.
Spring preparations (scroll down if you just want to read about the eclipse):

Story begins back in February, after a psychologically-based experiment, which I’ll hopefully get around to writing up, yielded an influx of opportunities for connection and teamwork. One of these was Steven Branch inviting me and several other people to a meetup in Portland. We made it happen even after he dropped out, and you can read about it here.

I wanted to make full use of the time between then and the eclipse to study up and to really build power. I committed to doing something every new and full moon, and kept to that, although I immediately ran into confusion and difficulty. I had a pair of sigils, some pretty toys on an altar and general ideas of sun-eating dragons and the union of magic and nature, but really no idea how to accomplish this. I performed rituals where I called to powers associated with the directions and made offerings, but ultimately both the dragons and I knew there was no particular reason that they should do what I want. My scattered attempts to approach them individually impressed no one; my only trick was to flash the LS, which would provoke enough curiosity for an initial audience and no more. I had some general idea of inviting all the spirits to a party of sorts and just letting them converse, but none of the big names gave a shit. The smaller beings who came for the wine milled about looking for direction and finding none, which only succeeded in turning away others who didn’t care for the formless activity. I was able to drum up some power, it just couldn’t go beyond a certain point without more structure.
So it continued for most of the spring. I took part in the Strumming and papered my college campus with LSes, which didn’t have any immediate results that I noticed. Key word “immediate”. On May 23rd I took an action that I won’t disclose, but which was immediately followed by some upheaval that made the national news… basically Ellis and I are taking joint blame/credit for Evergreen State College. I’ll say this, it resulted in a total overturning of temporal rhythms for a large potion of the student body, and a lot of young student witches posted outside for long hours of the night with nothing to do but talk to each other and practice their shit. This doesn’t really have to do with the eclipse, except in that everything has to do with everything, especially when the LS is involved.
After the year ended I spent a couple weeks enjoying the ups and downs of life in a car and went on a psychedelic-fueled camping trip. Then, in about three days everyone I was supposed to meet for Chelseanacht cancelled, Ahavah and Alice appeared in Seattle and suddenly I was living with them and day and night lost meaning again for a while, as we stayed up until dawn working on magic and smoking things that further scrambled my temporoception.

I won’t go over Operation Trojan Storm since that was covered elsewhere, except to acknowledge that it tied in with STTP just by virtue of its proximity. Essentially, from the moment I came up to Seattle, synchronicity has been a daily occurance, or many times daily in the vicinity of a large ritual. Themes from OTS float through our lives, mingling with those of the eclipse and other, smaller actions. As an example of this, I was given lead visualization of the fire construct on Chelseanacht because I’m a Leo, a fire sign. Lions and lighthouses have been a Thing since then – who knew West Seattle had such a fascination with paired lion statues in front of gates? I thought these were for me, a simple resonance with my part in the tower construction, but they continued to appear and that didn’t make sense until I looked at the astrological correspondences of the eclipse… namely its physical proximity to the star Regulus. That, in turn, fed our ideas about the overthrow of a king, or perhaps a sun. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Being able to hold an unmediated conversation with Ahavah turned out to be exactly what I needed to discover and fix what was missing in my eclipse preworkings, namely that there was no clear mechanism, and a way to get the dragons to do what we wanted – in/evoke a few gigantic forces, e.g. Tiamat and Kundalini, and have them move all the smaller pieces. Thus I was able to iron out the plan posted in this thread's OP, and by the new moon at the end of July it felt like something was really happening.
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New moon 7-23-17
Alice, Ahavah and I drove out to the beach where we did the Chelseanacht rite and halfway accidentally found the same firepit we’d used before. We built a new fire, despite the presence of some nearby party bros. Each of us took a handful of dragon’s blood and tossed it into the fire with a command in the Skyrim dragon tongue - “Yol Lah Meyz!” (Fire Magic Become!) to dedicate the fire to our purpose.

Next, in order to justify our use of the Thu’um, we would need to become dragons. This was largely an individual thing. We reached out to “the dragon that is you”, whether it came from an old fantasy, fairy tale correspondence, a parallel timeline, or wherever, and drew it into ourselves, then invoked the aspect with another shout - “Mul Qah Diiv!”

Each of us had three phrases preconstructed in the Skyrim dragon language which expressed the skeletal structure of what we wanted to happen (see the second post on this page). The plan was that we would be the mages of old sitting around a campfire speaking prophesy, and I had envisioned it as being a quiet thing, suited for a lonely roadside late at night. The atmosphere of the beach, while not crowded, was more conducive to a louder attitude. This turned out to not be a problem at all; as we quickly realized, we were the legendary mages chilling around a campfire, and didn’t need to be anything except ourselves - perfectly ourselves. So we shared some drinks and settled in.

It took time for initial inhibitions to wear off, but we had time, and the technique of speaking freely eventually led us into a very bizarre state of mind. We had a whole lot to say about fire and dreams and the dawning of a new age. It wasn’t prophetic so much as an expression of our our wishes and a calling for the whole world to wake up and magic. Interspersed with this, we spoke the lines of code and tossed the rune-inscribed paper into the fire, ending with “Fah nau daar sik mu aav leinne!” This concluded the official ritual, but we stayed by the fire until it burned out. The muggle bros next to us had an interesting night. They even joined in with the roaring of gibberish at the end and we went over to their fire for a few minutes. Not that I was on a level to comprehend any of their semi-logical statements by that time.
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August preparations
From the beginning of the month onwards, I was doing rituals three times a day to align myself with my dragon aspect, plus an invocation in the evenings. Or what qualified as evening for me – whatever time of day when I was about to go to bed. This was added to flipping over a five-minute hourglass which I’d been doing every night since sometime in June. I don’t have much to say about this except to note that it contributed a lot toward the buildup, and that it involved more use of the dragon language and particularly the word “krein”… that becomes important later.

One of our apartment-mates happens to own an albino king snake, which is synchronous in itself. Playing with this friendly noodle, wearing him while doing my rituals, feeding him a mouse baptized with the name Consensus Reality… all helped me tap into the snake resonance. By the week of the eclipse, all my dreams were filled with twisting white serpents.

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Full moon 8-6-17

Unlike the other preworkings, this one had a distinct goal from the beginning. In some way we needed to project the LS onto the moon to identify it as the lens that would intercept the sun and become a portal to the other worlds, as depicted in the diagram. Alice took over most of the work of planning this. Originally it was going to me, her, Ahavah, and Alice's friend J.P., but Arjil was also in town that week, and rather fortuitously the day he had off was the day we were doing the ritual. I looked on Google for coffee shops were we could meet, and hey, there’s one called Moonshot Cafe about three miles from our apartment. I went there with Alice and Ahavah, it was closed, so we waited instead at a bar next door underneath a giant mural of moon goddesses and a lioness.

After about an hour Ryan called us up and said there was ten miles of dead-stop traffic on the bridge across lake Washington and he wouldn’t be coming. Undeterred, we decided that we would be picking him up day, regardless of obstacles. We drove across the bridge, which was as clear as the sky and the water that sandwiched it, and returned to meet J.P. at a particularly liminal ferry dock near our beach. Jason also walked by, coincidentally, and decided he had time for this after all.

 So we went to the beach as it got dark and started preparing the place, creating a tangible buildup of power as the moon rose. We sat down and said, ok, time to start – and right then the police drove by, lights flashing, megaphone blaring that everyone had to vacate the beach because it was closing. It’s worth noting that this didn’t happen during the new moon rite, although we were there long past 11:30 or whenever. The probable explanation is that the cops were extra nervous due to fires in the area (Seattle had been wreathed in smoke for days, which extended twilight and colored both the sun and moon a deep, deep red when they were near the horizon), but the precise timing of this interruption highlighted what we’d been feeling all day. The secret war raging around us clearly expressed itself in events either working out or not, back and forth, but always in unlikely ways.
We relocated to Jason’s backyard and got in the mood by talking about what a magical world would mean to us. The emotions and ideals were what we were trying to get in touch with, the longing, in accordance with the lunar theme. We opened the circle, placing mirror shards around the perimeter. Then Ryan held back the CR and I lit incense in front of an altar to Artemis while Alice coordinated us in drawing a silver cord to the moon. We did some energy building, down from the stars and up from the ground, and put all of this into a silver bow and an LS marked red arrow which we shot into the moon.
At this point I need to talk outside of linear causality. The moon was hit with an arrow which was the LS. This echoed at least a year back in time to an ayahuasca ceremony I participated in which, without going into excessive detail, predicted all the themes of this eclipse working. The intertwining snakes, Aelie, the idea of dragons as a bridge between the primal and the mythical, those were all ideas that I drew more or less consciously into our plans. But I have this painting I did afterward, which I consider too private to share online, and it’s got the lions, the ouranian sun, Sagittarius firing the LS from his bow, a white rabbit hit by an arrow… Take my word that I felt the impact of that shot long before it was fired. There was an attraction between the arrow and its target, the silver cord, something about the esoteric explanation of why the bow of Artemis never misses, akin to how lightning “knows” not to strike glass, something something huntress and the hunted, polarity? Anyway...
In addition, while walking downtown a couple days before, Alice and I ran across this:

...giant mirror-surfaced silver arrow piercing a white rock in a pool of water, and this occurring after we had already formulated the plan for the ritual. It was outside an art gallery, inside of which Alice found a brochure for an upcoming exhibit of works depicting Diana, or Artemis. We cut out the picture of the goddess statue on the front, and another of a person in a white rabbit costume, and used these as the centerpiece of our altar.

 So I felt like I knew in advance that the moonshot was successful. But during and after the ritual I was assailed by quite a bit of doubt, stemming from smoking too much weed before, which caused me to feel like I wasn’t as present as I needed to be. Doubt multiplied on itself, as doubt does. If I didn’t believe in myself, that might decrease my chances of success, or so I worried, and I could shake it off even though I had already seen and felt the success, even though I had five other competent magicians for redundancy, and even though I could already feel the… pressure of all the built up momentum of this working coming in from the past and future to overwrite any mistakes! I tossed and turned in bed all night, and by morning I had a solution.
“Jason,” I said the afternoon of the next day, standing in front of his door. “Alice and I need to go back in time to last night to fix our doubt.”
“No problem,” said Jason, and expressed a wish that more people would come to him looking for assistance in time travel.
We stood in a triangle funneling energy through pieces of metal for a positive and negative node, and with Jason holding a beam splitter prism. To be honest, I have no idea what this had to do with moving outside of spacetime, but it did create a mystically-tangible bubble separating us from our usual place in reality. Which I guess is the same thing?
There exists a shout in the Skyrim canon known as Clear Skies, or simply “Lok Vah Koor”. I’ve found it effective in our world both for this purpose and for the clearing of doubts. We took up our archer positions from the night before and I shouted this phrase, hopefully chasing away any murk that might have been a problem.

 What have we learned?
1. Don’t smoke weed before doing something that IRL would require acuity, and
2. I believe part of the problem was that I was trying to coordinate my energy work too closely with other people, thus splitting my attention. I had this same problem during the Strumming, and I think it’s good for anyone designing rituals of this sort to keep in mind: assuming that the people you’re conducting know what they’re doing in regards to visualization, its better to be hands-off on the timing and specifications. Although it was pretty cool to have everyone fire at once on Alice’s mark. I would have kept that.
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Dragon language translations:

Saturday 8-19-17

The news reported wildfires in Oregon, choking up the sky and and worsening road conditions. We changed our planned location and drove to the western edge of Idaho, into the national forest northeast of Weiser, a tiny town located on the Snake River (this was unintentional).

Just as we were about to leave, as I was tying the vaguely dragon-shaped maypole-to-be on top of the car, I stepped on my keys and then closed the door on them. We were delayed for about an hour waiting for AAA. This made us nervous since we’d heard about the expected traffic, but we were prepared to drive all night if necessary. As it happened, there was very little traffic in spite of prediction. Not sure whether this was a magical thing, a result of everyone making their trips earlier that week in an attempt to avoid each other, or both.
As it got dark we passed through a long stretch of steep hills near the border or Oregon and Idaho. With the dry grass rising on either side and the dark sky behind them, it truly felt like driving through Nowhere. Alice saw one of those giant shooting stars that looks like a fireball. We passed a lighthouse and a really eerie concrete plant and fired LSes at them from the car. This stretch of road was within the path of totality. We camped beside an offshoot road in a field of grass and sunflowers, beneath a sky with a dizzying number of stars and meteorites.

Sunday 8-20-17

Stopped in a small town called Ontario for final preparations. At a “Jolt and Juice” coffee shop, Alice had a surreal experience listening to the discussions of a family of tourists next to us. I went to use the bathroom and had about three minutes to take care of myself before getting nagged incessantly by a very nasal white woman about the presence of a line. It was like the consensus reality ran out of ways to actually stop us, so it settled for simply asserting its obnoxiousness. So I stole their toilet paper.

As we neared our campsite, the national forest road was covered in massive swarms of giant, noisy black grasshoppers. Mormon crickets, based on a google search. They appeared to be starving and were cannibalizing those that had already been run over on the road. Definitely added to the feeling of an impending apocalypse. After the eclipse I let one of them crawl on my arm and it tried to eat me too. It couldn’t break my skin, but it did leave a mild irritation.
The hill we chose was a steep rise covered in yellow grass with a good view and open to the sky in all directions. I climbed up it to scout, and upon reaching the top I was met with a silence so heavy it provoked auditory hallucinations (kind of a wah-wah sound in my head). It felt like the hill had been waiting. I felt like I could fly out of myself. I went down and returned with Alice and Ahavah, carrying some supplies and the maypole, which we set up to claim our spot. It was to be a lightning rod for our working, both a dragon diving into the earth and a tree growing up from it.

We got down the hill as darkness fell. Before bed we had one last preworking: an invocation to Tiamat involving a sacrifice of wine, saltwater, and our own blood. I underestimated the sharpness of the razor blades we’d purchased and gashed open my shoulder. Thing was gaping about the width of my pinky finger, blood running down my arm and falling on the nighttime gravel in offering to draconic khaos. I’m not trying to be edgy. I never am. But this is dkmu - can I admit that it made me happy?

I didn’t sleep well; there was too much of… her… in my mind. Alice and Ahavah were kept awake by rocks under the tarp. So none of us were rested the next day, but excitement and a bit of caffeine substituted.

Monday 8-21-17

We awoke at the crack of dawn. I’d been tasked with waking everyone up on time, but when the alarm went off at six it wasn’t light yet. I waited, and when Venus broke out from behind a tree to catch my eye, I took it as a sign that it was time to move. We climbed the hill carrying the remaining supplies and were set up more or less on time.

Apparently I never actually took a picture of the sigil we used before it got buried. It was a large painting of the two in the OP, the programming sigil with the ouroboros one set in the center where the black sun is in the original. Enchanted charcoal on a background of rainbow watercolor with broken glass and forest debris stuck to it. It was the center of our ritual, alongside the maypole, under which we placed three large blank sheets of paper with which to see the shadowbands, plus several of my largest mirror shards. We laid the sigil painting on the ground aligned with Draco and arranged a bunch of stuff on top of it: numerous dragons, mirror shards, a snakeskin, I don’t remember what else. Nearby we had my friend Mance here, who was acting as an avatar of the new sun, being a dragon-lion hybrid and all. We placed him on a bed of feathers and addressed him during the ritual with our wishes. This went straight to his head, of course. Pretty sure he still thinks he’s a sun god. I see no reason to dissuade him.

We were going to video tape this, but Ahavah’s phone, previously charged to 50%, was suddenly dead that morning. So Alice and I deigned to perform the ritual naked except for shoes and a few choice ritual accessories. We both have sunburns to prove it.

The partial eclipse began at 10:10. We attempted to open a bottle of Sunstar brand red wine. This was difficult because we didn’t have a corkscrew (as always seems to happen). While Ahavah worked on the bottle, I around the ritual area with a knife given to me by Jason, banishing opposing and subversive wills and, hell, Consensus Reality itself from the Earth. Alice and I called in the 531 godforms and the 156/663 current itself. We didn’t give them instructions except to find their place in the working. By this time Ahavah had the bottle open, and we poured it out to the local spirits and those we had just summoned.

We meditated on our dragon aspects, much as we did at the new moon ritual a month ago, and called them with “Mul Qah Diiv”.

I shouted into the west, out to the Pacific ocean, “Lok Vah Koor”. Alice followed with the same shout toward our immediate area, and then Ahavah toward the east, along the path to Kentucky and the Pacific ocean. We anticipated this to have already come into effect retroactively, and in fact it was beautifully clear that day, as forecasted, despite clouds the day before and haze the day after.
We placed our hands on the maypole and chanted “Motangesav” several times.

 I spoke toward the East:

   “People of the Earth!
   You have gathered to witness the devouring of reality by the dragon of Khaos,
   And the joining of this world to the sun of magic.
   Many of you left your previous lives, your homes, your jobs, your plans for the future
   And came to partake of this entwining shadowstream.
   Many of you could not be bothered. It does not matter. Your boredom is at an end.
   Prepare to be stricken by the fulfillment of all your dreams.
   You will walk from world to world. You will learn the tongues of fire and star.
   You will feel the impact of every truth you tried to evade.
   Today Mundanity dies, and Imagination ascends its throne.
   Nature awakes. The dragons return. You will all be mages!
   To the core of each of you, I have three words:
   (Shouted) Stin Kro Sil!”

I spoke toward the ground:

   “Calling all Primordial!
   Out from the depths of ancient night
   Arises the unfolding wilderness
   Through four billion years of passion and instinctive knowing.
   Through the unbroken generation of our mothers’ mothers’ mothers
   And the lineage of the fathers of our father’s fathers
   Through the essence of beast and bird,
   Through the wisdom of wood and algal slime
   Morphing dragon-potential of the ages,
   Hear the seduction of all that is beyond you!
   We are you, the living One, and we want magic!
   We want wonder and bewilderment by any means necessary!
   Know our hunger, oh soul of Pan, dream of Gaia.
   Awake and ascend!
   Vahdin Kundalini nahl lovaas,
   Faal Unslaad ensosin.
   Prove to us what beauty you are capable of.
   Alok ziem sahvot!”

I spoke toward the sky:

   “Calling all Unmanifest!
   We have listened to you singing on the winds
   That which cannot be
   Yet seeds the unfolding moment with bewilderment
   We have flown with you in the colorful not-scapes of dream.
   We have cowered from you as children in the dark.
   Brit leinkreh, mu bahlok fah hin daal
   In the shadows and corners of all lands,
   In the overlooked spaces where mystery survives,
   Storm clouds gather all hopes and anticipation -
   Strike now with the suddenness of miracle!
   Phantasmic dragon-potential, bringer of marvels
   Who lies smoldering in every thought,
   Every myth and every nightmare
   Descend now on this realm with the magical Fire on your breath
   And all the power of other worlds at your tail!
   Mu ofaal hin horvut wah qo
   We hold open the doors of wonderland.
   Children of the stars, come and meet us!”

I spoke to everyone and no one in particular:

   “Nu nau vulseshul, ol fin lein los krent
   Mu gron pah laas wah kreinselah
   Let serpents entertwine
   The dream of the fantastic with the growth of nature
   A snake-lattice springs from this world to the others
   Let her scales harden, vertebrae set
   And power flow through these channels like rain

   We give magick freely to the four winds!
   Let it seep into the Earth. Rise with the mountains. Flow with the waters. Burn with the sun.
   Let every beast and being take their part.
   May grey cats remember the ways through unseen doorways in the dusk.
   May birds in the trees find they know new songs, strange, radiant songs
   May the magic of old reawaken in the very writhe and rot of the soil.
   But let none hold it tame! For it is wilderness itself.
   May serpents reign,
   For this new age is for all who flow
   From skin to skin while remaining Alive
   And for the venom of Knowing
   To dose the blood of every creature, warm or cold.
   The fateful moon approaches.”
At this point we had about thirty minutes that were unscheduled. The plan was simply to be the apocalypse cultists that we are. Ahavah played guitar, Alice and I ran around shouting about dreams and freedom and how done we are with rental applications. I cut her hair and she threw it toward the west. We worked open another bottle of wine, this one branded ObscuRed, and shared it between ourselves and the ground.

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Sometime around 11:10, I think? Alice began the portal opening. With us backing her, she faced north and used her hypersigil key, addressing Ao Shun, the black dragon:
   “From darkness to darkness, my voice echoes in the emptiness.”

Ahavah and I repeated the statement. We faced west, and in the same way addressed the white dragon, Ao Jun:
   “From this world to the next, my voice cries with life.”

To the south, the red dragon Ao Qin:
   “From darkness to darkness I shout. Beneath my feet, all is made firm.”

To the east, the blue dragon Ao Guang:
   “Time that flows, hold in your course.”

Circled around the sigil, to the yellow dragon Huanglong:
   “Because by fate even the gods are cast down, weep ye all with me.”
We used this incantation because it’s damn cool and it opens portals to the realms of the gods. History will speak to the wisdom or not of that maneuver. Figured Ahavah is enough of a black mage, and Alice would have to suffice for a holy cleric.

The sky was growing dark. Venus was visible directly overhead. Shielding our eyes, we could see the sun almost covered. Ahavah timed 11:20 and flipped over the dragon hourglass. I spoke toward the west, to the oncoming shadow:

   “Tiamat. Tiamat. Tiamat!
   Limitless Khaotic dragon who flies from space and ocean
   To slash this land with the shadow of your wings.
   We feel your approach with gratitude and excitement.
   This world has been disconnected, its rivers stymied, it’s knowledge lost
   Dull eyes greet the play of madness with apathy.
   Great Ouroboros, zeroth dragon, the yawning infinite,
   Who tunnels through the worlds leaving novelty in your wake
   Annihilate this mediocre sun!
   Rain down a billion fire-snakes aglow in your darkness –
   Dov do lah, [redacted] bel hi!
   Devour this tepid beaurocratic bullshit!
   Consume it utterly into a void where the very idea of it will be lost and subsumed.
   Free us. Awaken us.
   Until all assumptions are gone.
   Oh messenger of the night, transcendant moon
   Cut the strings of a failing reality.
   Strike all witnesses mad
   With the Ouranian Fire, and awareness thereof.
   And let it concentrate in us. Kindling our thoughts, making real our speech,
   And prove to us! By the portent of 156/663, let us know!”

We stood around the maypole and chanted a final mantra that encompassed the point of the whole working.

Darkness descended at a remarkable rate. With about a minute to go, we began belting out the names of every dragon we’d been able to find, mythical and fictional, from prepared lists of around 180 names each.

Ahavah pointed out the shadowbands wriggling across the white paper under the maypole. I looked down, registered them, and then returned to my calling.

We stopped. There was a moment of enforced silence. Then we shouted,
“The gate is open!”
“Slen Lah Gron!”
“Begin the age of fairytale!”

We proceeded to shit bricks for the next two minutes, approximately.

The sky was the color of the deep ocean encircled by orange flame. Somehow, in my preparations, I had focused mainly on what would be happening at ground level and almost ignored the black sun itself. The effect was that, when I looked up and saw it, it caught me off guard with the sensation of a picture I’d known from books and the internet suddenly materialized in the sky before me. I faced this cold portal with its beautiful corona, which seemed simultaneously intent on drawing me through it into what I can only name Khaos, and projecting its sacred silence onto me, leaving me muted. Black hole sun, indeed.

A diamond appeared on its rim and grew in brilliance. I screamed into it.

I looked away. Daytime returned, but it was tinted blue.

“Faal sahshul los dilon, lingrah lahney faal krein!”

Ahavah handed me the expended hourglass. I smashed it on the rocks.

Unwilling to leave the site, we took a while to collect ourselves and wandered around the hilltop in what felt and even looked like a dream. Alice and Ahavah both saw a certain tree on the horizon that they said was glowing sea green. I had some birch bark with stuff written on it that I’d set to charge next to the sigil, and now I burned it and called Ino into the spell. Immediately after saying that, one of the black crickets ran up and tried to sacrifice itself into the blaze. Perhaps acting out of bias, I blocked it with my hand in midair. It turned and tried to jump again, but I chased it away. So, was that Ino’s action? Or something else trying to involve itself into the spell?

Nearby us was a rock with bird poo streaked on it to look like the word “Ini”. We don’t remember this being there before the ritual. Seems like a stoner thought to me, but you never know.

We didn’t want to touch the maypole, which was tangibly charged and still grounding the energy of the rite. So we left it standing, to be taken down by natural forces or unsuspecting humans. In my box of stuff there happened to be the tag from a bag of ice tea with the brand name “Loyd” on it, and underneath the subtitle “the magic experience”. I’d thrown it in there earlier that month as a joke. I folded it up and stuck it under the point of the maypole.

Ahavah said that he was also seeing a blue tint to the daylight. As we descended the hill with the sun beating down on us and the blue light in my mind, I looked into it and realized I was seeing an Eye of Sauron-like image in the “center” of the light. I scribbled this roughly on the box I was carrying. Then it occurred to me that all the other gods of the Elder Scrolls mythos are basically real. I had been using the dragon word “Krein” as a convenient synonym for the magic sun, but…? That would explain the eye, and the Tamreilic blue tinge??

We got to our camp and passed out for the rest of the day. Ahavah talked about a black dragon he apparently saw on the hill during the ritual. He and Alice were both seeing some kind of shadow streams going up into the sky, but these were invisible to me.

Aftermath & analysis

The drive home was seven hours of pointing out weird shit we noticed while Ahavah hacked the information stream to his phone to keep the music playing. He’d been doing this with some success on the drive out, but was apparently getting better at it with practice. We stopped for breakfast at the most Midwest family restaurant imaginable, I don’t remember the name of it, but the served soup and pie and had this full-wall mirror made of smaller square mirrors which I stuck an LS behind. Later on we stopped for supplies at a Walmart in some bumfuck town in eastern Oregon or Washington, which was possibly the most surreal place I have ever experienced.

The blue sun beat down on us all day, but the color shift was particularly intense around twilight. It synchronized nicely with tunes played from the soundtracks of the Elder Scrolls games (I particularly remember when the track “Over the Next Hill” came on and by unspoken agreement we all waited in silence as the car climbed a high ridge, creating it to reveal a sweeping vista of golden plains under an indigo dusk). Between it and Ahavah’s taste in music, this made for an extremely trippy drive.

Now it’s been a few days now and the difference in daylight is still there. It took at least a day after returning for me to regain normal functioning and still, any time I go outside in the daylight I start to feel not sober within a few minutes. Nighttime is more peaceful; as Ahavah said, rather poetically: “After about 2 am, the consensus reality is dreams. The night has always been ours.”

So, I’ve mentioned the ayahuasca thing and referenced timey weirdness multiple times. This event appears to have been, if not a singularity, then at least a kind of gravity well drawing fate into it from years back. I hope this wasn’t one point, but the beginning of a time of greater density and connection. I won’t go deep into the astrology except to say there were a ton of synchs there as well. As I said, the main thing of note was that the eclipse was physically located in the sky almost on top of the star Regulus, the heart of Leo, which had astrologers predicting the fall of old leaders and the rising of new ones. What this means for the symptom named Trump, I largely don’t care. The Sun is dead, say my poor blasted synapses. Long live Krein.

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