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Always clean newly purchased items!

Started by Seisatsu, August 12, 2017, 06:42:55 PM

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I bought my first hematite ring yesterday and put it on outside the shop. Immediately my hand felt fucky and I started to become ill. Always clean newly-purchased magical items before wearing them! Worse still, I couldn't get the damn thing off. What a blunder. After feeling sick for a couple hours at home, I finally covered my finger in anal lube and was able to remove the ring.

Soaked the ring in salt water overnight with a sage leaf and a couple drops of lavender oil and it's fine now.

I think what happened here is that dozens or hundreds of people touched it before I got there and left all their various baggage behind on it, not to mention whoever may have interacted with it during the manufacturing process. The thing was just filthy with garbage energy.

Cleaning before using is common sense with gemstone work; I just got excited to put the thing on and forgot to follow best practice.

Has this ever happened to you?