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Feeling a bit like Columbus right now...

Started by Philtered.Khaos, July 30, 2013, 10:14:25 PM

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and incidentally, I want your gold, gems and free work to enrich my coffers!

on about more serious business, I live in THE Whitest town ever. not physically white,but the mentality. Sheltered, cowardly comfortable Christian  cowed cattle. I have been plotting an assault on their pleasant realities using planted shrines, altars, and sigils in  out of the way places for some time now, but near apathy, tiredness and plain lazy combined to form procrastination (i.e. stagnation). I discovered this group via , in an article about contrarians, and it pushed my resolve. I have been plotting this undertaking for a while, but the discovery of people of the same mind was an inspiration.

I was thinking of using the inherent Christiania of this town when it struck me that I should use it against them by constructing a sigil that encouraged visions of angels and miracles, the theory being;

1:Christians readily accept magick, as long as it sources from "their guy" or his agents.

2: Christian encounters with non-christian paraphernalia usually induces, however brief, a moment of panic, or brief trance states.

3: These moments of trance are sufficient to implant the directions for the subconscious mind.

This is going to be a long term operation leaving the same sigil at area churches. Maybe attend some sermons to play the Loki.

On the subject of ellis, do people still use it? I have been leaving it about, and ended up combining it with my evolutionary mark. maintaining the whole of both, just altered sizes, and added little.

I have lots of hobbies and crafts I practice. lately it's paper making, so I can bind spellbooks and journals. musical arranger, part time writer. too many things to label.

I have only seen one type of forums that had no bickering. I sincerely hope this doesn't devolve. let's make a strong community, and keep it lively. the mere fact that we are rebels indicates we are thinking individuals, so let's use it.
I have soared too high on the Wings of Dreams, only to be dashed on the rocky shores of Despair.


that disinfo article is pretty awesome.
Your hobbies sound awesome! i try to do a bit of crafting too.

Yes, people are still plenty active with ellis as far as i know. Very suitable for what you're thinking.


Sweet, Svipal! What kind of stuff do yours make? I get wild hairs coming out of my ass all the time, so I am constantly dabbling in new things I discovered on the webs.

Any idea why the majority of the group lurks on facebook?  I personally find it ironic seeing chaotes
haunting Spookland, given the nature of the beast.
What about an alternative? Gods know there are plenty.

How did you get into magicks? I had always been interested since I was younger, but I grew up in a VERY small western town, and without the internet I had access to only the watered down "spirituality" peddled in the cheap, dilapidated mass outlets in the "new age" section if Big Box retailers like Waldens and Borders. I picked up the Necronomicon (it was the first "occult" book i had owned. Yes, I am aware of it's nature) and after reading it, was struck by the notion that it was merely a truly grueling method to wind up on the lower levels of astral plane, and much was probably unneccesary. My father taught me what little he knew of, in drunken rants in the small hours if the morning.

/rant, of which there will be many more. Hope we can get some more activity on this site, at least.
I have soared too high on the Wings of Dreams, only to be dashed on the rocky shores of Despair.


Welcome ^.^

Yeah, Ellis is the most actively used godform.

The majority hang on FB because 1. It's easy. 2. It loads better on mobiles 3. The DKMU forums aren't very old, and are only a fraction of what the forums were. 4. Forums are a dying breed and 5. We're lazy ass motherfuckers. <<That's 5 points, so of course, HAIL ERIS>>