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Relationship Sigils

Started by Lux, September 02, 2017, 09:05:10 AM

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Hi There
I am a long-time user of sigil magic, however I have really only ever used them on myself rather than to affect another person or a given situation.
Which brings me to my current request for advice. I am currently in a long term relationship which is coming to a natural end, despite it's length it has always been difficult and sadly we are definitely doing each other more harm than good with each passing day now. The moves toward a split were started by my partner but now that I am thinking the same way they have backed off from it and have become very emotionally confused, perhaps more out of fear and uncertanty than anything else. There is still love there but I know now that we would be much better off supporting each other as friends than anything else.
I cannot bear to hurt them (this person can be unstable and self harm is definitely a possibility), but dragging out the innevitible now is really just extending the pain for us both. I have made my feelings known but am unable to to simply walk out on them without establishing some kind of common position with my partner or at least knowing they will be ok.
Apologies for my rambling but this brings me to my current point. I have tried a standard sigil with the aim of us mutually ending the relationship as friends (or something close to that) but do not seem to be able to get any significant results. Yes, we have had real-world many conversations on this as I have tried to move things along but there is definitely a need for a subtle magical helping hand here so things can proceed as painlessly and as quickly as possible and we can both move on with our lives without too much damage being done.
Any practical help or advice on this and how to go about casting something kind but effective would be very much appreciated...

Thanks guys


You'll have to end the relationship with a conversation. A sigil might help to preserve amity while you go through with it. Or you could use magic to force circumstance to separate you, but you may have to choose between timely and painless.

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I tend to agree with Ringtail. I have a good body of experience in sigil magic targeting the external, many times people directly. While the ethics of those practices might be questioned, and the results a bit unpredictable (all magic has potential for unknown ramifications), I've found servitors to be more effective in both single-target and area of effect workings. Should you push forth, magickally speaking, I suggest that route.

All that said, it's probably best to have the tough conversation. Especially if your partner is emotionally unstable- we don't want that to become exacerbated by any magickal random weirdness.
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