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The Second Spirit -- Enhancing Willpower

Started by Moon1ight, October 10, 2017, 05:49:41 AM

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Hi everyone  :)

Somehow I feel that it is time to share another of my Servitors with you.

He is the Second Spirit. His intent is roughly "To ensure that I have Great Willpower and Self-Discipline". Here is his sigil -- this interpretation was created by Kindra Tia Haugen -- thanks again :)

I think Willpower is, just like Cheerfulness, a topic common enough that folks might benefit from this. And I also think that the effectiveness of such Magick will increase, if more people use it. So there :)

The Spirit looks to me somwhat like an Ancestor Ghost from TESIII Morrowind but in faded Gold, not grey, with gusts of golden light around him. He also wears his Sigil as a mask on his face, but since it's all transparent, the skull is still visible.

The first part of the idea is that that this will boost one's general willpower. Just the ability to pull though on one's plans, get up and do stuff etc. That is a kind of background-effect. And the second part is, when I actually have a hard time to get myself to do something just now, visualising that sigil as a mask over my face and the Spirit telling me, in a deep voice, to get on with it, helps quite a bit ;)  The point is that he wants you to get ahead with what you really want -- to push you to become the version of yourself, that you really want to be.

That should be enough to get started working with him, in whichever way you do it. I'll add a short part from my Reflections-tread:
"> Doing Magick with that focus. "intentionally infusing ones Will with magick" -- "Summon the vision, and more importantly, summon the Feeling, and Pretend like a kid that you're casting your spell, and like a kid, Believe it.".
a.) Influence your life directly. In short, gather Energy, then "program" it with your intent (as an affirmation in the present tense), then activate it. (on programming: "the more realistic your visualizations are and the more astral senses you use, the more effective the working will be, and infuse it with as much energy as you can, the more brilliant, the better, using your visualization. Feel happy emotions."*)
b.) Power your servitors with it ("Throughout the centuries, witches kept servitors, some of these relationships have even spanned lifetimes. This is achieved by calling the servitor by the name given to it, and breathing more light energy into it, reaffirming its mission")"  ( )

A bit of history, for those who care. I don't remember a lot, unfortunately. Somewhen a few years ago, maybe only 2 or 3, I decided that I need a sigil for willpower and came up with the above, just rotated slighty. I saw it as the Sun beaming down sunrays. Then a few months later, I had an uncalled visualisation of a kind of ghost next to my bed. Not a strong hallucination or so, just like I would visualise with open eyes an apple on a table that isn't actually there. But in this case, I didn't try to visualise a ghost (though I do think that I saw a cool ghost-picture some time before that.).. But it was kind of non-threatening.  So I tried to ask it what it is, and tried to think what could be going on, and then, I don't remember how, it ended up taking that sigil as a mask and kind of becoming a Servitor for that Sigil. Don't know what you make of this -- maybe some kind of unconscious evocation while sleeping that caused this to happen :) Either way that has been a while ago and it is now an established part of my life. I'm regularly powering it up in roughly the way mentioned above. And my willpower is improving too :)

Later, I charged it with this little ritual:

Hopefully, this will be useful to someone :)
Sidenote: Though there is no LS included, he considers himself part of the LS-Network :)

Edit: I forgot to mention, he is not Second because of any chronological order, but because he is somewhat concerned with Second Order Desires, i.e. what you wish to wish . It's a concept i I learned in Philosophy, see here for a short explanation

Edit 2: I never felt the urge to share this one before... and don't have an urge to share the others. But he today somewhat demanded to become public. That's quite interesting in itself... Maybe someone needs something like that just now and that thought propagates through the LS-network? In any case I'm kind of nervous about it, as if it was a performance on stage :D but feel that this should help :)
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