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Author Topic: in a world of creamy regrets  (Read 1794 times)


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in a world of creamy regrets
« on: November 12, 2017, 09:09:38 pm »


im oz
im just your average garden variety unique hipster genius faggot with a messiah complex and more addictions than you could shake a stick at, though im not sure why you would want to. but I suppose this comes with the territory of being a psychonaut and sailing the seas of consciousness in order to fully ascertain the nature of this silly illusion we refer to as reality.

anyway someone on whisper actually suggested I check you guys our because I can never find other people who are into the occult and the paranormal and all the shit that most people tend to consider too intimidating or scary to even think about. i for one welcome cosmic horror and absurdity into my life and accept the necessity thereof. my corpus of information will always be smaller in comparison to the knowledge that I do not possess, so it is an endless cycle of learning and learning and realizing that to know everything you must first truly understand that you know nothing.

anyway aside from that annoying hipster rambling crap, im also a musician and have been for what amounts to half my life. i primarily focus on just electronically produced songs typically influenced by hip-hop but the thing is I don't like labeling it as a genre. it's not like I just sit around and make beats, to me everything is a composition, a piece of art meant to express a specific emotion and create the feeling of it in the party perceiving it. but I do have a soft spot for hip-hop culture, and i am one of those annoying internet rappers (except I won't bother you to listen to my mixtape becsusw idomt think I'd ever release one lmao) but i like to think that I'm at least decently skilled when it comes to writing and expressing myself. im really big into experimental and avant gard music as well and outsider music because I think the most amazing pieces of art are those raw ones created by people who just suddenly got the urge to create. but I do like all music in general, and honestly just audio stimuli in general makes me really happy, even if it's just white noise. i just love sound so much. i never really developed on the visual field due to color blindness and essentially what I would refer to as third eye blindness; the third eye is certainly there but it does not see anything. it's almost like it's forcefully locked shut. im trying to figure out a way to fix this but so far the only thing that seems to work is high doses of dissociatives and that can get to be quite expensive sometimes if you're not careful

other than that I write, make glitch edits of pictures, study and learn, write code where necessary (i am actually quite obsessed with proframmokg culture and such) and do my best to not run my meat sack face first into the ground.

welp that's me in a nurshell. i hope i get to know some of you people better over time. but for now im going to go grind my teeth in bruxist agont because I made some stupid decisions. kthxbai ❤️

Ahavah Ain Soph

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Re: in a world of creamy regrets
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2017, 05:33:07 pm »

Welcome, you'll fit in fine. Next time you come to the irc, talk more :P We're on there a lot xD

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