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Started by thief_and_a_liar, December 13, 2017, 11:21:59 PM

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Frater Pachad 10*, C:.D:.I:.A:.

All these rituals have been performed by the Master.
I have tried to make concise statements that are easy to follow.
Going up the numbers, but not always, it may be required that obvious things are not explained, so the level of a magician that you are right now, may not gain results yet.

-thief_and_a_liar []

First Ritual: Become a Guardian

1. Place an altar in the North.
2. Place on the altar a picture of [Person].
3. Invoke your Guardian Self.
4. "In the name of YHVH and Satan, I pledge to protect [Person]".
5. End ritual with touching your right shoulder saying your magical motto.

Second Ritual: Love Spell

Tools: 8 Black Candles, Black Mirror.

1. Make a Circle of Protection on the ground, light the candles around it, and set up the mirror within it.
2. Sound: I A E O U.
3. Call: "Cthulhu, AZATHOTH, Nyarlathotep, bring me [Person] to appear in the mirror".
4. Unfocus your eyes while staring at the mirror and let your reflection become the reflection of [Person].
5. Spell: "By the name of Belial, of Satariel, of Gremory and Sitri, [Person] is to become my bride/husband".

Third Ritual: Evocation of Satariel

Tools: Sword, Crystal Ball.

1. Perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.
2. Perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram.
3. Perform the Middle Pillar.
4. Draw down the Light to the Ritual Space.
5. Call: "By the Divine Light, I Command you, Satariel, to appear to me in this Crystal Ball".
6. Scry into the Ball (Satariel has the appearance of a dark cloaked figure, standing in front of a horde of masked female demons).
7. State the intent of the ritual, a desire you wish to have Satariel fulfil.
[Satariel belongs to the other side of the Tree of Life corresponding to the Sephira Binah]

Fourth Ritual: Basic Sex Magic

Tools: A male or female Human Specimen.

1. Draw a large Sigil representing the result you wish to achieve on the ground, within a Circle.
2. Have Sex with Human on the Sigil.
3. On point of Orgasm, both parties visualize the Sigil shooting far into the reaches of the Universe.

Fifth Ritual: To Journey in the Astral Realms

Preparation: Pray to your Angel to aid you in this. Tell him/her to come at this night.

1. Lie down with your eyes shut.
2. Do not change position, or move at all, and keep your mind awake in meditation.
3. Enter the hypnagogic state of mind, where pictures flashes, and Will to project Out of Body. Here your Angel may come.
4. Evoke Sandalphon or Yog-Sothoth, and request Portal to the Astral.

Sixth Ritual: Becoming the Assassin

Note: This ritual is the initiation into the 6th degree in the CDIA System.
Tools: Athame. Black Robe.
Book: De Vermiis Mysteriis.

1. Place an altar in th East. Place the athame upon it.
2. Perform Liber Resh in the morning, mid-day, and evening.
3. At exactly 11:55pm, put on a Black Robe and stand in front of the altar.
4. Take the athame, and hold it up high.
5. Two other Agents brings the Sacrifice.
6. Standing among higher ranking Agents in the C:.D:.I:.A:., you put the athame to use.

Note2: The 6th grade of CDIA is optional.

Seventh Ritual: Money

Tools: Wand, Green Robe, Thick Orange Candle, a dollar bill.
Book: The Grimorium Verum.

1. Evoke Clauneck from the Grimorium Verum.
2. Invite him into a Pact where you will be his Student for 12 months.
3. Light the Candle, and burn the dollar bill.
4. Spell: "By Shammash, Thoth, Air and Earth, I gain Riches Every Day."

Eight Ritual: Becoming Master at Martial Arts

Preparation: 6 months of Karate, 3 months of Kung Fu.
Tools: Sharp Sword.
Book: The Lesser Key of Solomon: The Goetia.

1. Evoke Belial, and agree on one week under his Influence.
2. Every day you will get in trouble, and must fight your way out.
3. After the week is over, if you survive, banish Belial.

Ninth Ritual: Lesser 333

Preparation: Read upon the magic of John Dee, and especially upon the First Aethyr.

1. Enter the First Aethyr.
2. Eventually you will meet a Demon Infused with all your Fears.
3. Challenge him and defeat him.

Tenth Ritual: Strength of Ego

1. Think yourself above all other Humans.
2. You are the most Intelligent Human on Earth.
3. Also, you have Great Knowledge, and Great Power.
4. None can defeat you, let yourself go beyond all bounds.
5. Then venture to the Abyss and Call upon Choronzon.
6. You are the Dark Self, while Choronzon is Darker.
7. Laugh at him. Challenge him to a duel.
8. Now your Soul will be searched for Light. If Choronzon finds any, he will Destroy You Utterly.
9. If rather, your Soul is found to be Pitch Black, Choronzon himself will be Defeated, and you may call yourself a Black Brother.

Eleventh Ritual: Attracting Material Things or Drugs

Tools: White Candle.

1. Bring two Sigils to the Altar: One by Spare Method for the thing you want, and one of the Spirit that can help you.
2. Light the Candle at the altar, and let it burn down.

Twelwth Ritual: Spell Through Gaining Godhead

1. The God-Head is the mind of AZATHOTH. Study him, and note that he is Eternal and Omniscient.
2. Place yourself in the Center of the Universe, absorbing all Matter and all Unseen Energies.
3. Pose a question to this visualization.
4. Answer the question.
5. Let your Sight go Black, and your Mind go Empty.
6. Feel as you are AZATHOTH, think like AZATHOTH. You are Prime Chaos, you are Blind, you are Mad. You are an Idiot-God.
7. Become as Nothing. Then Become Infinite Space. Then Become Infinite Light. Then Contract to One Point.
8. As that One Point, you are Everything yet Unmanifest.
9. Spell: "I Will into Creation [object of Desire]. My Will Be Done."

Thirteenth Ritual: The Inverted Pentagram

Tools: Wand, Knife, Cup and Coin.

1. Place the Wand in the East, the Cup in the West, the Knife in the South, and the Coin in the North.
2. Trace an inverted Red Pentagram in the East, South, West and North.
3. Call: "Sammael before me, Belial behind me, Choronzon to my Right, and Sandalphon on my Left."

Fourtheenth Ritual: Grounding and Protection against Magical Attack

Tools: Salt.

1. Perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, or the Inverted Pentagram.
2. Take a hot bath, or a shower.
3. Pour Salt in a Circle around you.
4. Sit down in Lotus and do Void Meditation for one hour.
5. Spell: "All magic against me will return to Sender."
6. Eat some food.

Fifteenth Ritual: Greater Sex Magic

Tools: Amphetamine, Hashish. Human Specimen.

1. Intake amphetamine and hashish in the evening.
2. If you are male, invoke Mars, if you are female, invoke Venus.
3. Have Sex with Human for 8 hours without Orgasm.
4. Focus now this Sexual Energy on a Result. Let it linger in your mind.
4. Greet the Sun when it comes up, and thank it for bringing in a new day, the day of Possibility.

Sixteenth Ritual: Divining with Tarot 1

1. Meditate for 10 minutes, clear your mind.
2. Take 3 cards out, one for the Past, one for the Present, and one for the Future.
3. Look at the cards in order and notice the first impressions you get.
4. Continue taking 3 cards for the Past, Present and Future until you have used the entire deck.
5. Now shuffle the cards and spread them out face down on the table. Feel with your left hand after one card, and reveal it.
6. This is the Key Card, telling you what will really come.

Seventeenth Ritual: Divining with Tarot 2

1. Draw seven cards.
2. Card one: The Past.
3. Card two: The Present.
4. Card three: The immediate Future.
5. Card four: The Question.
6. Card Five: What can help you.
7. Card Six: What to be aware of.
8. Card Seven: The Result if following the advice of the Cards.