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Working with Goetics

Started by thief_and_a_liar, November 28, 2017, 08:41:28 PM

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There are a number of ways of working with goetic spirits. You can follow the grimoires step by step, or you can use what you think will work from any number of them.

Planetary hours is just bullshit.

Circle and magical tools is not really needed.

What you need to do for evocation is not sleep for some days, and then fast at the end.

Prayers are not needed.

You should do a banishing ritual before and after the evocation.

Prepare a conjuration in which you define the spirit, it's rank and abilities.

You do not need to use any god names.

The power to control the spirit comes from you alone.

No need to invoke your higher self.

Use the sigil of the demon in the ritual.

Stare at this sigil while reciting the conjuration, then call the demon forth.

Do this again if the spirit does not show.

(If then the spirit does not show, threaten it by a higher ranking demon that you are familiar with.)

When you feel a presence, unfocus your eyes and peer into the air in front of you.

You will then both receive images and faintly see the demon.

If this is difficult, you could use tools afterall, like a crystal ball, a fire, smoke, a bowl of water to scry in.

State your intent, what you want, and what, if something, you will give in return.

Give the licence to depart.


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