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The DKMU Dictionary of Demonology

Started by thief_and_a_liar, December 14, 2017, 05:39:05 AM

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The DKMU Dictionary of Demonology!

Let's do this, it is super easy. Each member put down all or some of his own spirits they know a line about.

Then I make a program, like this:

class Demon:
    name = ""
    power = ""
    def description(self):
        desc_str = "%s has the power of %s" % (, self.power)
        return desc_str

pazuzu = Demon() = "PAZUZU"
pazuzu.power = "Kill"



War Chief

One of the Two of the Head of the Serpent

Portal Trainer


Lets fill out this to the full.

Add one or two.



Here I should give the demons I use in my own system (C:.D:.I:.A:. system):

Blind Mad Idiot God

Angel of Secrecy

Chief Recruiter


Lucifer = Samael = Sammael = Satan = The Devil = Old Nick

Sea Snake

Messenger of AZATHOTH

First wife of Adam

The Dreaming

Your worst dark Ego


As the angel of life, Metatron is at the top of the tree, directing God's living energy throughout the universe God has created. Metatron connects human beings living on earth with the divine energy of God and helps people incorporate that sacred energy into their lives. Metatron also brings spiritual balance ​to all of the different yet interconnected parts of God's creation and helps people achieve spiritual enlightenment.

As the angel of mysteries, Raziel reveals divine mysteries to people that help them become wiser. By showing people how to incorporate their knowledge into their lives in practical ways, through Raziel's guidance. Raziel helps people reach their full potential, according to God's good purposes for their lives.

As the angel of compassionate understanding, Tzaphkiel leads the angels who send the spiritual energy of understanding to people. Tzaphkiel helps people learn more about God, sends them insights about themselves as God's beloved children, and guides them to make decisions in their daily lives that reflect that core identity.

As the angel of mercy, Zadkiel and the angels he supervises send the energy of God's mercy throughout the universe. That involves inspiring people to be kind to others because God is kind to them. It also includes giving people peace when they pray so they can be confident that God will answer their prayers according to what's truly best.

As the angel of peaceful relationships, Chamuel exercises tough love to strengthen relationships so that people can experience peace -- within themselves, with each other, and with God. Chamuel and the angels he oversees test people's beliefs and motivations. In the process, they purify them to help people develop stronger relationships with God.

As the angel of joy, Haniel expresses God's eternal energy by helping people rely on God (who is eternally reliable) rather than on their changing emotions, and by enlightening people with insights that can bring them joy in any circumstances.

Michael and Raphael
This angelic team joins extremely powerful forces: Michael is God's top angel, and Raphael is the leading angel of healing. As they express the divine energy of beauty, they help people tap into a higher level of consciousness.
Just as they partner to express the divine energy of beauty, Michael and Raphael join forces to express God's glory, because that glory is beautiful. Together, these great archangels fight sin to make sure that the splendor of God's perfect design for creation wins out over sin that tries to corrupt that glorious design. Michael and Raphael also help people discover and fulfill God's glorious will for their lives.

As the angel of revelation, Gabriel is a master communicator, so God has assigned Gabriel to be in charge of the tree's foundation. In that role, Gabriel connects people to God through messages of faith, and helps people rely on their faith in God to make transitions in life.

As the angel of music and prayer, Sandalphon sends messages back and forth between God and human beings in God's kingdom. Sandalphon's efforts are designed to keep divine energy flowing freely, nurturing all parts of God's kingdom.



by Jared Sullivan

Saturn worship is everywhere in all of your corporations, religions and advertising. The Cube represents Saturn. it is worshipped in Mecca. Jews wear a Tefillin a Black Cube on their heads over their pineal gland. If you geometrical represent the cross it becomes a cube. You have Solomon's temple and the Holy of Holies in the temple was a cube.

You see the black cubes on wall street and other corporations around the world. You have the apple stores shaped like a cube. You have the Game Cube and XBOX, The Soviet union flag of the hammer and the sickle represent Saturn. The Jesuits have the symbol of Saturn in their logo. The snake on the cross is also representative of Saturn.

The Freemasons call their God ''The Architect of the Universe'' = The Archon Technology of the Universe. The Demiurge was known by the Gnostics as the Great Architect of the Universe. Saturn is Energetically connected to the Age of Pisces or the Age of Deception.

Saturn is represented by the figure Chrono's, Chrono's represents ''TIME''. Chronos is pictured with a white beard holding a sickle. Saturn is known as ''Father Time''. He also became the Grim Reaper or Death. The Masonic symbol of the compass and square are just a representation of the symbol of Saturn. Chrono's became ''Crown'' related to the Bloodlines. The worship of RA or the Sun is Saturn worship. Saturn was the Earths primordial Sun.
You see it in pictures of ISIS. The Hebrew God EL was the God of ''Saturn''. The ''ELOHIM'' or those who are in service to Saturn became the EL-ite. The El and Elohim is the Demiurge and Archons. You have Arch Angels = Archon Angels = Angel = EL, Archon Ang-EL Micha-EL, Raphi-EL, Uri-EL, Gabri-EL, another name for Jesus is Emmanu-EL you have the Gosp-EL's, Worship in a chap-EL, You Have EL-ections to EL-ect leaders who serve the EL-ite.

There is ISIS RA and the ELOHIM = IS RA EL= ISREAL. You have the Bull or Baal on Wall Street and that symbolizes Saturn. The Owl symbolizes Moloch which represent Saturn.The black robes of the Judges, Priests and University graduates robes are all black. As does the Black and Red clothing the Church and Monarchy wears. This represents Saturn.

Religions, secret societies and Satanism all worship Saturn. Satanism = Saturnism. Banking is Astrologically ruled by Saturn. Politics and all institutes of learning are energetically ruled by Saturn. Corporations, Science, the law and the court systems are all astrologically/energetically ruled by Saturn.

You have all these religions where the men wear beards and Chrono's/Saturn is represented with a beard. God is depicted as a man with a white beard. Santa = Satan = Saturn has a white beard, and Odin has a white beard, all these characters represent Saturn. The Architect in the movie the Matrix has a white beard as well. The Architect or Archon Technology controls the Matrix of illusion that souls are trapped in.

Saturnia was a festival that celebrated Saturn. On the G.E. building at the Rockefeller center in New York you have a picture of Chrono's, Saturn. 

Archons, Elohim and the Demiurge create illusions and induce realities that are not happening.

The planet Saturn is giving off a vibration that effects the consciousness of humanity here on Earth. Listen to the sounds of Saturn on youtube and feel the ominous sound it generates.
Saturn has rings of Ice science claims. I do not believe it is ice I believe the rings are made of Crystals, Time crystals to be exact. The rings are a massive broadcast information system that is broadcasting a fake reality within our frequency coding. This is why we are picking up this fake reality.

In ancient stories we used to live much much longer and be capable of so much astonishing feats it could be compared to miracles or magic. But Saturn broadcasts and controls time and time is used against us.

There is an Ancient Cabal of Dark Khazar Occultists that run the world. And about 70 people are on the inner circle and are terrified the world will see past their spell. These are people who carry with them the knowledge of Babylonian Mystery Schools and the Library of Alexandria. 

"Signs and Symbols Rule the world, not rules and law" – Confucius

All the energy we use in worship, business, politics, and society standards is energy that all goes to Saturn, the Battery. But when you become aware of this and understand this, you take your energy away from Saturn and that helps to make the illusion reality they perpetrate weaker. Knowledge truly is POWER.....13D


Copied from facebook chat with Michael Hyson:

Me: lol
well, we mainly kill people these days, but the real point was in detective work and information gathering

Hyson: Indeed. I am a master in Hexcraft. Built my reputation on it.

Me: nice

Hyson: Indeed. Had many teachers.

(1) Sammael
(2) Azazel
(3) Abaddon
(4) Belial
(5) Astaroth
(6) Azreal
(7) Asmodeus
(8 Zainael Etc.

Me: good list
Sammael, Gremory, Sitri, all of lovecraft, greek, egyptian, Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, & Middle Eastern Gods I follow.


Lucifer- Emperor
Lucifuge Rafocale-Prime Minister

These are the Top Dogs of Hell. Under them you have four Chief Angels known as the Four Cardinals-

(1) Azazel
(2) Ramiel
(3) Dagon
(4) Asmodeus

These four are the first Princes who fell with Lucifer.

Under these, you have three columns of Super Spirits/Demons.

(1) Seven Olympic Angels

(1) Aritron
(2) Bethor
(3) Phaleg
(4) Och
(5) Hagith
(6) Ophiel
(7) Phil

(2) Nine Great Kings

(1) Balaam
(2) Vine
(3) Purson
(4) Bael
(5) Zagan
(6) Asmoday
(7) Beleth
[8] Piamon
(9) Belial

(3) Seven Crowned Princes of the Spirits of the Air

(1) Azielis
(2) Arielis
(3) Marbuelis
(4) Mephistopheles
(5) Barbuelis
(6) Aziabelis
(7) Anqnelis

These three Columns full all others.


(2) Azreal
(3) Dagon
(4) Asmodeus'