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Pachad's DKMU working no. 1: Evocation of Trigag

Started by thief_and_a_liar, December 20, 2017, 11:54:24 PM

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Ok, I finally decided to work on the dkmu system afterall...

Just to see what happens.

My first ritual is the evocation of Trigag.

With the limited power of my own capability of doing fantasy, I recall the evocation as if I did it yesterday, or earlier this night.

Trigag appears as a solid black triangle, hovering in the other end of my ritual room, around him looms shadowy images of demonic beasts and predatory animals.

I greet him, but cast insults at him, hoping for a challenge.

He does not respond, but waits patiently.

I turn into the form of Choronzon, and attack him.

A dark shadow shoots out of Trigag and greets me, and all my moves are blocked.

I turn into AZATHOTH AWAKENED and by Pure Will I intend damage to Trigag.

From a degree 1 to 10, I intend 10, that is, maximum damage on Trigag.

Trigag goes up in smoke, all shadows around him disappear, and left of it all stands an old man, with a large white beard and long hair.

He wears a long staff, a brown leather sorcerer's hat, and a green robe.

Now I hold up my right hand and offer peace.

The old man reveals his horns, his fangs and his long claws.

He attacks me!

I fend off the staff with my hands, getting sore for each beat at my arms.

At last I get a hold of the staff, and forces it out of the old mans hands.

I look at him and give him a warning.

Then I speak to him:

"By the Lord of the Elements, of the Most High God in the Heavens, and of the Lord of the Pit, I command you to speak, to deliver me a Message of Inspiration"

The Old Man looks tired now, but makes contact with his eyes to mine.

His eyes both contain a shining star, and I soon hear a thundering voice:

"You are Strong, Human. Your power truly lies in Combat. What lies ahead of you is work as a Guardian"

"What kind of guardian", I ask.

"Just like a Watcher Angel, you must choose yourself the person who you would wish to guard. Choose a person with high risk of being attacked by men and spirits"

"But I just don't know who!", I then state.

"Guard your friends and family first, your woman. Then be always aware of this Duty of the Guardian, move it freely to new people in your life"

I see now that I cannot get much more info out of Trigag, and end the ritual.



Haha, none of this happened outside of my head, you oistar fuckers.

Like i shiuld have been clearer about, the evocation is a trick, notice how i describe everyrhing in present tense.

I imagined the whole thing while letting the story uncover trash in the unconscious.