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The HGA is the True Self?

Started by thief_and_a_liar, December 21, 2017, 05:59:04 AM

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It seems from reading about the Holy Guardian Angel, that I profess nothing of the experience, that it is really about going deep within yourself and discovering your true identity, your True Self.

True Self, True Will, why does it have to be "True"?

Say just the Self as it is, is no way of making progress, but experiencing your Own True Self as an Angel living outside of you, you get to get advice not necessary coming from your own reasoning.

Crowley's practice with his HGA was to make it external by using other people (channeling, possession).

I would however not do this. I would make a group which I shall call "My True Self" and put words and sentences in it.



Ah, I get it now. It is not necessarily that advanced a concept...

It is not a matter of finding out who you are, but rather


Those who have achieved k&c with their HGA say it doesnt matter if you view the HGA as an angel or your own self, the experience defies both of these guesses...