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Advanced Magic by Frater Pachad

Started by thief_and_a_liar, December 20, 2017, 08:05:11 PM

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Advanced Magic by Frater Pachad

Most books on the topic of Magic is targeted at beginners.

Rarely do we see more advanced forms.

This is a tratise meant to define Advanced Magic, what it is, what it does, what it should be.

1. What it is.

Advanced Magic goes further than what we find in the beginner books. The focus would be on
creating own systems rather than copying the moves and symbolism of other authors or
practicioners in the Occult World.

2. What it does.

Advanced Magic focuses on the reality of occult experience, how it is done, how it could be done,
and the effects that can be predicted from magical work.
It experiments with new ideas and how they compare with older existing systems.

3. What it should be.
An author of Advanced Magic should make works devoid of beginner material, and only focus on
new ideas, new ways to do Magic. Novelty, or simplifying and fusion of existing systems.
Important factors of a surviving system should include, but not limited to, pragmatic value,
effectiveness and potential in human development.
Full manifestation of spirits is not advanced, rather the exclusion of uneccesary work to produce
fast results without using faculties of senses other than the motor activity of drawing sigils, yet
sigils is also old and gone. Demons and angels are both far past their time, and thoughtforms have
minimal value in making a new and more powerful system.

Magic rituals have been, and are still
only tools to prepare the student in unwanted symbol systems.

A ritual does not what it is prescribed
for, and always have to be altered to a very large degree for results to be made. It takes too much
time for the practice, and so all ritual should be excluded in an advanced system of magic.

our mind alone with the power of speech and communication proper should aid the magician to
succeed in whatever goal he or she does make.

Today I woke up having no money. I did no ritual, but soon received stolen goods that I could sell
with profit, food and money within an hour from my thought of getting any of this.

All I had to use was my cellphone.

I have a girlfriend that wants nothing else than to fuck me brains out, and more women to come.

All I do is dress in whatever clothes I choose, military style for the most, and use
my imagination to play with my environment. Play is the key to any successful magic, and whether
spirits exist or not, playing with them yields result, but know that a single human being can do far
more by himself than any spirit can do for him.

Therefore my own take on a system of advanced
magic look down on all systems of old, and use what I was born with, the flesh of a lifeform
increasingly suited for living life on earth.

I want to quote Phil Hine, once an expert in innovative magical design:

"Abstract spiritual spaces have been created in the midst of which tower the Babellike lego constructions of 'inner planes', spiritual hierarchies and 'occult truths' which forget that the world around us is magical. The mysterious has been misplaced. We search through dead languages and tombs for 'secret knowledge', ignoring the mystery of life that is all around us. So for the moment, forget what you've read about spiritual enlightenment, becoming a 99th level Magus and impressing your friends with high-falutin' gobbledygook.

Magick is surprisingly simple. What can it offer?

1. A means to disentangle yourself from the attitudes and
restrictions you were brought up with and which define the
limits of what you may become.

2. Ways to examine your life to look for, understand and modify
behaviour, emotional and thought patterns which hinder
learning and growth.

3. Increase of confidence and personal charisma.

4. A widening of your perception of just what is possible, once
you set heart and mind on it.

5. To develop personal abilities, skills and perceptions - the
more we see the world, the more we appreciate that it is alive.

6. To have fun. Magick should be enjoyed.

7. To bring about change - in accordance with will.

Magick can do all this, and more. It is an approach to life
which begins at the most basic premises - what do I need to
survive? - how do I want to live? - who do I want to be? - and
then gives a set of conceptual weapons and techniques for
achieving those aims."

These 7 points of interest still apply in an advanced system.

Introduction to the Third Edition by thief_and_a_liar.

This is the edited, "kinder" version. I removed a lot of things that I no longer agree with.



I was born in Stavanger, a small town in Norway.

Together with friends I have drank like crazy, smoked
joints, used speed, lsd and just about anything i could get my hands on.

I have written books before. I once published a compendium with rituals and instructions found in
several versions of lovecraftian magical tomes. I also published a step-by-step guide into simple
sorcery, and has on numerous occasions been the expert in Qabalah.

I consider myself a black brother, having failed to understand the system dictated by crowley.

I hate thelemites and every other witch or wizard thinking they know what magic is about, and on forums
on the internet I usually last a post or two before my name is removed and banned from the site
along with my ip address.

Why? Because my mind is so seducingly wicked and evil.

I am psycho, hate life and everyone in it. I could kill
without remorse, I could destroy myself more by every day to come for all I cared about reality.

I stole, dealt cocaine, speed and hash, knew just about any dealer and street fighter in town, and usually scared the shit out of everyone I met.

But I consider myself beyond evil, well, at least it would be an evil that did not stem from ignorance, rather it became from intelligence.

Chapter One: Knowing why belief is not the real key

Just think about it for a moment. What you believe does not always show truth. My mother explains
to me that I live inside a very small bubble inside of my very own sick reality. But I hate my mother, brother, father, uncle and whoever dickhead that wanted to be part of the fucking

Chapter Two: Liber Lucifer 

My first contact with Lucifer I believed happened through 333, and subsequent endeavours in
qabalistic nonsense for a few years.

I was infected with an overblown ego that still persists to this day, one that thinks it is above all, and
knows it is truer than any notion of supernatural belief.

I contracted Lucifer under the guidance of
Barbelith using the name Samael to give my 40 next years to evil and in return get help in founding
an organization by the initials C.D.I.A, that now is called Choronzon's Detective Intelligence Agency.

Chapter Three: Liber Chaos

5 color system:

1. White: Spirit
2. Black: Chaos
3. Grey: Order
4. Red: Destruction
5. Blue: Construction

Spirit moves down into Chaos and then emerges into Order, and from there Construction of an intended result.

If Spirit leaves for Construction already at Chaos, it will only achieve Destruction.

Chapter Four: The Short Message [added to this edition]

Really, I have removed all chapters except the beginning of the first one.

This, however, also appeared in the Second Edition:

"The Air Mage meditates a lot, but the Earth Mage focus on sex and money, always. This is the role to play under an Advanced Magic."

So it seems that my own take on an advanced system of magic is turning away from traditional forms of magic, perhaps all forms of magic, and seem to point out that you can only do mundane things, like talking to people, and using your hands or feet, to affect reality.

To the original Second Edition there was appended the Grimoire of Satariel, a book that introduces the C:.D:.I:.A:. system.

So the magic is still there, only it is the evocation of entities you have familiarized yourself with, in your own system.