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Lessons from a sweet girl in Sorcery

Started by thief_and_a_liar, December 14, 2017, 12:35:31 AM

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First Lesson in Sorcery

by Therese Enoksen 2017

Fire = Action
Water =Emotion
Air = Intellect
Earth = The Five Senses

1. God
2. Male
3. Female
4. King 
5. Warrior
6. The Self 
7. Love and Beauty 
8. Philosophy   
9. Dream and Astral
10. Earth

Invocation/Evocation: Commanding Spirits to either possess or appear.

List of Fallen Angels: 


The Three Chiefs:

Lucifer, Satan and Pan

Ok, cut the crap about using tools or doing things astrally.
Just learn to do the LBRP and then call upon YHVH to strike Fear into the Spirits
Do not try to be a friend, or do any kind of Pact, but simply Command the Demon to do as you ask
Then, and only then, when the result comes, thank the Fallen Angel by providing some sort of Sacrifice

-Soror 778

The Second Lesson in Sorcery

by Soror 778

2017 ...

Evocation, or Summoning of Spirits require magical tools, a Circle on the ground, and a triangle in which you place a black mirror, have a fire, something making heavy smoke, or a bowl of water.

You must not use any psychiatric drugs, but do use illegal drugs, oh yes.

The tools must be prepared (consecrated).

Here is a simple Banishing Ritual: I A E O U!

Some training into Scrying is required for this kind of Evocation to work. Some books to look at are Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos, Crystal Gazing by de Laurence, Crystal Vision through Crystal Gazing by Frater Achad, and How to Make and Use a Magic Mirror by Donald Tyson.

The god-name Yod Heh Vau Heh, Yawheh, or Jehovah, is what is to be threatened with. It stands for the four elements (see first lesson).

The Solomonic Spirits are the best to work with, reported all over the world.

Decide on a date and a natural hour to do the operation (planetary hour, use Crowley's Liber 777).

Stay awake for a week, and fast the four last days of that week. This is important to follow through.

Enter the Ritual Chamber, do a banishing (LBRP or IAEOU), and Conjure the Spirit in Improvisation Mode, that is, without having prepared anything.

Pretend to be the Lord Almighty to the Demon, and do the Command.

-Soror 778


Third Lesson in Sorcery

Soror 778, 2017


This post is for more advanced methods of Evocation, because Sorcery is defined as the Summoning of Evil Spirits.

There is a spiritual hierarchy. One big Spirit at the top, gods and angels under it, and then the Evil Spirits comes under the Angels again.

So, for working with an Evil Spirit it then sounds good to contact an Angel to motivate the Demon in question.

This is all described in the christian magical grimoires from the middle ages.

The Archangels are as follows:

Kether: Metatron
Chockmah: Oh,hell, just look at this:

This is all I put out on my wall on facebook, but I could continue:

Angels respond to prayers. Praise the name Jesus or Moses, give many thanks for their protection.

A Circle for Angels could be any circle, using any symbols from any system, only the circle separates the operator from mundane activity.

Angels are not always kind. They Serve God, not you.

The Evil Spirits however, serve Satan, so if you are a Satanist, nevermind the angels at all, and just use Lucifer and Satan to empower your rituals. In hell there is also a military hierarchy, and instead of using names of gods to compel spirits, you can use names of demons of a higher rank.

There is a Law that I believe in, and that is that the older the spirit, the more powerful it is.

So lets take a ritual involving PAZUZU, for instance, over a ritual from a book written in the 1500s.

Ok, bored now.



Fourth Lesson in Sorcery

by Soror 778, 2017


Ok, so I lied, Sorcery is not only about Spirits. It is an ever promising path to inner Power.

Commanding Demons are one thing, but you have to exercise your own Self, your Attention, your Concentration, your Vision, your Dreams and especially important: Your own Confidence.

Begin by confronting your fears, one at a time. In the end you will not even fear Death.

Then be of Service to Self. Sorcery is no white light path, but the very Western Left Hand Path.

This Path leads to Godhood. By becoming better, less lazy, and more motivated for inner and outer change, you grow fast into a higher being, especially from your encounters with the dark world of Evil Spirits.

Be Evil. Be a Sinner. Live in drugs and sex. Spit in the face of every religious person. A Sorcerer is not bound by any god or devil. A Sorcerer has no Emotion, no Empathy. He is a Machine, that only wants and wants, needs and desires.

The Hunger for Blood is Real.

I am a Vampire. I live eternally in this hunger, and haven't fed for days. I however just use the blood of animals, so do not worry.

Human Blood is for Strong Magic, and then your own blood is the strongest to use.


Fifth Lesson in Sorcery

by Soror 778, 2017


Ok, so now we are beyond basics.

These spirits that we use, have their limitations.

They are not beings with their own minds, but archetypal content in your subconscious mind.

So where does this leave us?

Well, the subcoscious have a link to objective results in the real world.

This is called Synchronicity (Jung).

What this means is that meaningful coincidences will appear in your life after messing with a spirit, even if you only did it mentally.

And mentally it is. This is the great secret among all charlatans: There is no Astral Domain, or Unseen World other than your dreams at REM sleep.

So when you evoke a spirit, give a rats ass about the scrying, tools, praying, and even fasting and sleep deprivation, like I suggested in the beginning. Just visualize the spirit, talk to it, and there will be enough quality of communication to drive a Spell.


Seventh Lesson in Sorcery
by Soror 778

Now, these lessons that I give are accused of being too brief that none can learn from them. And a joke to real practitioners.
That I just post, without thinking or effort.
That may be, hehe.
Let me bring back the first lesson, and improve upon it:

First Lesson in Sorcery, version 2.0
by Therese Enoksen 2017

First off you need to learn some symbols used in magic, like the four elements:
Fire = Action
Water =Emotion
Air = Intellect
Earth = The Five Senses

All things in the world are put in one of these categories.

Then a simple list of the ten Sephiroth (Hebrew for numbers) from the Tree of Life:

1. God
2. Male

3. Female
4. King
5. Warrior
6. The Self
7. Love and Beauty
8. Philosophy
9. Dream and Astral
10. Earth

Each of these can be divided into four worlds of the four elements.

List of Fallen Angels:


See here that the numbering is corresponding to the sephiroth above. For example, 5 = NERGAL = WARRIOR means that Nergal is a warrior angel.
A line for each of the fallen:
Blind Mad Idiot God

Angel of Secrecy

Contracts and recruitment



Messenger of AZATHOTH

First wife of Adam

The Dreaming

Your worst dark Ego

So, begin with your worst dark Ego, Choronzon.

He is what you despise most about yourself, be it lazy, a drug addict, or a liar. And he is proud of what you dislike about yourself, yet abhor what you like about yourself. He invites you to become a worse version of yourself.

Then go up to Dagon, and practice Astral Projection.

1. Lie down with your eyes shut.
2. Do not change position, or move at all, and keep your mind awake in meditation.

3. Enter the hypnagogic state of mind, where pictures flashes, and Will to project Out of Body.

Then is Lilith, and she invites you to explore Sex Magic.


Fourth Ritual: Basic Sex Magic

1. Draw a large Sigil representing the result you wish to achieve on the ground, within a Circle.
2. Have Sex with Human on the Sigil.
3. On point of Orgasm, both parties visualize the Sigil shooting far into the reaches of the Universe.

Fifteenth Ritual: Greater Sex Magic

1. Intake amphetamine and hashish in the evening.
2. If you are male, invoke Mars, if you are female, invoke Venus.

3. Have Sex with Human for 8 hours without Orgasm.
4. Focus now this Sexual Energy on a Result. Let it linger in your mind.
4. Greet the Sun when it comes up, and thank it for bringing in a new day, the day of Possibility.

Then take a look at the thelemic banishing rituals of Aleister Crowley.

Ok, once this is expløred, you enter into your own sense of a Higher Self, Nyarlathotep.

Nyarlathotep is a time traveller. See yourself as you believe you will change and become in the future.
Next up is Nergal:
1. Place an altar in the East.
2. Sacrifice a living being (a mouse, a spider etc).

Zevs brings you into financial questions. Administration post.
Balberith invites you to recruit members for the CDIA (or your own order).

Here is practice with evocation. Follow this simple outline:

1. Perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.
2. Perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram.
3. Perform the Middle Pillar.
4. Draw down the Light to the Ritual Space.
5. Call: "By the Divine Light, I Command [Spirit] to appear in visual form into this Crystal Ball. Scry into the Crystal Ball.
7. State the intent of the ritual, a desire you wish to have the spirit fulfil.

Some prior training in scrying is required for this kind of evocation to work. Some books to look at are Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos, Crystal Gazing by de Laurence, Crystal Vision through Crystal Gazing by Frater Achad, and How to Make and Use a Magic Mirror by Donald Tyson.
And finally, you reach the highest grade in the system, AZATHOTH:
1. The God-Head is the mind of AZATHOTH. Study him, and note that he is Eternal and Omniscient.
2. Place yourself in the Center of the Universe, absorbing all Matter and all Unseen Energies.
3. Pose a question to this visualization.
4. Answer the question.
5. Let your Sight go Black, and your Mind go Empty.
6. Feel as you are AZATHOTH, think like AZATHOTH. You are Prime Chaos, you are Blind, you are Mad. You are an Idiot-God.
7. Become as Nothing. Then Become Infinite Space. Then Become Infinite Light. Then Contract to One Point.
8. As that One Point, you are Everything yet Unmanifest.
9. Envision yourself exploding like a supernova, manifesting your every will, intent, want, need and desire.