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book of azreal, and the new godform Zaradhuun


The Book of Azreal

By the Master Pachad 10 = 1, C:.D:.I:.A:.

Class A

Fuck Crowley, fuck robert anton wilson, fuck joseph lisiewski, fuck israel regardie, fuck dion fortune, fuck all these pretend nuts!



He is timeless and eternal, but unknown.
Zen meditation of just sitting one hour without expectation into LBRP you evoke Zaradhuun, the enigma godform of dkmu.

He is Secret and Noone

He cares not for fame, so follow him not.

Money and sex he laughs at.

Zaradhuun is Saturnian yet Mercurian in spring time.

So call upin him when the snow is melting.


Azreal is both a murder demon and a suicide demon, and has to be exorcised through commanding both types of demons into the pit of damnation.

The Lord of This Pit is Beelzebuth, and at his right arm sits Azazel, monitoring the events of the pit.

The winter games are soon over.

Last up is Choronzon vs. Shugal, in a lovemaking ritual of Death.

Both die as 333 minus 333 equals 0.


But wait, that was not what happened at all. They were just taking a break. Now they both add to eachother, and 333 + 333 = 666, and they become the Sun, Ra, and his son Horus. Aiwaz be cursed, for my holy guardian angel is no other than the Old One, Nyarlathotep, who is a darkness walking among men looking like them...

How I am draped in evil. My whole life reeks of evils and demons. Yet I stand here, positive and relaxed, waiting for my thoughts to unravel.

Azreal, the Angel of Death, the very Spirit that causes Death. Or governs over Death, who is Death but acts not, instead just waits at the mountain of madness, for you to one day come as a shade of your former self, a ghost in the wind...

Choronzon is the key to entry into the lower domains.

A trick here is to wait until Choronzon sleeps, then move to the entrance of Hell maskerading as Choronzon.

You need a red skirt, and damaged pantyhose, else a leather jacket with metal things in it.

Choronzon loves spikes and ammo belts. So if you instead want to ditch the feminine form of Choronzon, wear these with all black denim and black cotton band t-shirt. Bands that Choronzon likes are Meshuggah Bathory Korn Megadeth Kreator and Sepultura.

So, once down the first part of the hole, you can enter portals in each cardinal direction.

Going North, you will fall into certain death by the hands of Lucifer, as this is not the time for him to be disturbed.

Going east, you can meet with  the Lord of Thunderbolts, Zevs.

In the west lies the castle of the masked succubi, Satariel.

Finally, if you step South, you will enter the cavern of Nyarlathotep, that if you do not change the cdia system yourself, will automatically be appointed to you as your Unholy Guardian Demon (Holy Guardian Angel from Hell).

Nyarlathotep is a Dark One. He will not come to your aid unless you sacrifice to him in blood every tuesday evening.

Then every saturday night, at 3:33 am precisely, you must bring him pieces of gold that you throw into the ocean. The more gold you sacrifice in this way, the more willing Nyarlathotep will be in protecting you from the Light.

The enemy is the archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Sandalphon. Also sometimes Gabriel, but I made a pact with Gabriel long ago that she needed not worry about me, and she let me go then...

Michael is the mercurian sun angel coming armed with a flaming sword. Raphael shines in yellow with a short staff. Uriel holds a disk inscribed with a hexagram, and Sandalphon comes unarmed in a brown garment.

Sandalphon however, is as much on the dark side as on the Light. He trains magicians in creating portals for themselves to access other dimensions and astral domains. He holds the key to the Ninth Hell, Tartarus, where no man has gone without turning into ashes, and being enslaved as a shade forever in torment, as Sammael, Chief of the Satans, will find out what you so dearly desire, petition you for it, and then Lie about an unwritten clause that resides over demonic contracts, and without a lawyer as no such thing will protect you in Hell, you get manipulated into eternal submission.

But, is that really where you want to go? Yes, it is, so through Sandalphon you aquire the key, and in a few minutes of descending swiftly downwards, you enter Tartarus, the Ninth and Final Hell of the Earth.

Sammael is waiting for you, he is standing there in front of his countless demonic legions, and ready in his hands is already an infernal contract ready to be signed...

It states, briefly:

I, Frater Pachad, will leave this place alone and recieve the gift of Understanding Myself Completely.

Hah, how wrong isn't the devil?

I want riches, as much sex as I want, at any time of day, and to be known in the Earth around for my intellect.

Sammael is confused at his own intel.

But it seems like he will agree.

Off you go to normal wakefulness, and then you light a black candle.

You stare at the candlelight, until the candle burns down on its own.

Now you are ready for a fight!



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