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Started by thief_and_a_liar, January 25, 2018, 09:57:33 PM

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Why does magick and the occult insist on a spirit world? Invisible entities, both godlike and smaller in power, can here aid the practitioner in any goal...

From the elementals to archangels, using the kabbalistic Tree of Life one finds the name to use, and then evoke the being into visual and auditory appearance.

The magical tools used are many and varied, from making a magical circle on the ground, to seeing the spirits through fire, smoke, a crystal ball, black mirror, or just in a bowl of water.

But what beings are best to use? It is dependent on your wish or desire. If you only want money, fame and sexual partners, you summon a demon to help you.

The demons are mainly found in christian books written in the middle ages, from the grimorium verum to the armadel. The Goetia, the black pullet, and so on.

The instructions mainly given in these books advice in fasting, sleep deprivation, and praying to God.

Prayers are to me useless, but to stay awake for a week, and fast for a few days, you can train your magical senses to see the invisible worlds. Drugs also are useful. Cannabis, amphetamine and any type of psychedelic.

Just prepare a magical conjuration (a text you recite to gain the attention of the spirit), where you reveal the name of demon, its rank and abilities, and then when the spirit appears you can either Command, make a Pact, or discuss things the spirit is knowledgeable in.

A beginner should practice visualization of spirits through the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, a Golden Dawn ritual based on a jewish prayer where you evoke four archangels to stand in each of the four cardinal directions.

Some say not to use the imagination at all, but insist on that the spirits must be made physical to make the magic real. But this, in my experience, is not needed. See in your mind's eye the spirit which you wish to converse with, and then just observe what happens.