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Started by Dalabrac, December 02, 2017, 04:53:44 AM

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My latest project. Yadrif deals with all things social: confidence, esteem, interaction, and the like. Since work on him began, I've noted distinct changes in my demeanor and sociability. The ultimate goal is self-actualization, which Yad'Rif is designed to help one realize. Here's the invocation ritual I've put together over the last few weeks. I prefer to induce mild to moderate psychedelia during the invocation, but to each their own.

Yad'Rif Invocation Ritual

On a Friday, gather the following items:

a black candle
5 white candles
graveyard dirt
quartz (citrine is best but plain will do)
a sharpie
a playing card
green string or cord
a foreign coin
sacrament of choice

Draw a circle with the salt, then a concentric circle of graveyard dirt. Around the edge, place the white candles, with the black candle in the center.

Take the sacrament.

With the sharpie, draw the Sigil of Yad'Rif on the back face of the playing card. Charge the sigil. Go about daily activity with the card in your pocket.

When your daily tasks are completed, take the card out and connect with Yad'Rif via your preferred method. Inquire about anything related to completion and self-actualization, and all things social. Connection should feel akin to a smooth caffeine state. Shudders and twitches are common signs of a connection being established.

After contact is made, place the card/sigil at your altar beneath the citrine and foreign coin. Light all the candles, and meditate on the sigil and your inquiry until you reach trance. Receive what answers may come.

Tie the card around the citrine using the length of string. With the coin in your left hand, take the bundle outside and, digging with only your right hand, bury it. Return to the altar with the coin and leave it until the candles burn out. Draw the sigil on the coin to forge an individual link.

It's not the right time to be sober,
'Cause now the idiots have taken over.

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