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Author Topic: Operation Fool's Eggs  (Read 1696 times)


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Operation Fool's Eggs
« on: March 22, 2018, 07:07:11 pm »

Operation Fool's Eggs
(Cross-posted from Facebook)

This year, Easter Sunday has the unique privilege of coinciding with the world's most important and meaningful holiday, April Fool's Day. For this April First, I propose an operation borrowing from an idea I got from Arjil's LS lecture, the Easter Egg Glitterbomb. For those not in the know, a glitterbomb (or glamourbomb) is a sort of artistic magickal device which uses the element of surprise to weaken the target's psychological barriers and then jam an attached message into their subconscious.

 To participate in this grand operation:
 1) Buy a bag of colorful plastic Easter eggs, the kind frequently used for the eponymous Easter Egg Hunt.
 2) Fill each egg with actual glitter, or confetti if you're a nice guy.
 3) Inside each egg, also place a thin strip of paper a la fortune cookie, inscribed with the Linking Sigil and a short impactful message such as "Magick is real!"
 4) Charge the eggs via the method of your choice, or just let the LS do it for you.
 5) Hide them around town, perhaps in parks or playgrounds, or various urban environments, where they are likely to be found within a day or so. Places where an Easter Egg Hunt has already been scheduled may also be worthy of attention if you are ballsy.
 6) ???
 7) PROFIT!!!
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