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Portable Temple Origami Servants

Started by Seisatsu, June 23, 2017, 06:18:48 PM

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Posting here about a project I announced on Facebook.

This is MIYUKI the snow crab, the first of four origami servants which are part of my portable temple. It was created on June 21st 2017, the first day of Cancer, and its element is water. There will be four servants altogether, and when completed, I will be able to place them in a square formation of any reasonable size in any reasonable location and activate them with a short incantation. When evoked, they will automatically raise a temple for me; that is, they will take the roles of the four corners and convert the space inside the square into a liminal zone much like the kind one would create upon an altar to do work. I can then take advantage of the liminal zone to do rituals or increase the influence of my magick within the zone.

MIYUKI contains drawn on it a sigil which is representative of it, as well as a bit of my saliva. I plan to consecrate and charge this servant tonight, June the 23rd, while the moon is in Cancer. This will be done at a creek near my house. Originally I had planned to use full moons but this would have extended my schedule by several months; currently I am working on a four month schedule.

* The moon will be in Cancer (water element) from today through the 25th.
* I make the Leo-aligned (fire) origami on July 23rd when the zodiac enters Leo, and the moon is in Leo from that day until the 25th.
* The Virgo (earth) origami is made on August 23rd, and I catch the end of the Virgo moon which goes from the 21st through the 24th.
* The Libra (air) origami is made on September 23rd. Unfortunately the Libra moon ends the previous day, so I wait until the moon enters Aquarius on the 30th through the 2nd, which is also air aligned.


This is really cool I am about to start making elemental servitors in jars in a similar fashion. keep me posted and thanks for using the forums broski!!!!


Welp looks like the moon is UNDER THE FUCKING HORIZON tonight. :<

I'll do this during the Scorpio moon at the beginning of July instead. That one has altitude.


MIYUKI was consecrated inside my home a few days ago under a Scorpio moon, within a makeshift crystal altar I raised on my bed. I gave it its name and described the properties of water to it, and told it of its purpose. I later took it to Arcade Creek and dipped the capsule in water so that it could understand what water is like. MIYUKI is finished.


You have no idea how many Jesuses I are.


Once the date flips over to the 23rd tonight we will shift into Leo and I can make my next servant. The moon shifts into Leo tonight as well, and it is a new moon. Interesting.


Today I finished my second portable temple origami servant, TSUKU the fox, whose element is fire. Here's TSUKU on the right and MIYUKI on the left. Like MIYUKI, TSUKU will help me raise my temple by calling to its element when evoked. Just two more to go.

TSUKU was made today on the first day of Leo. Like the first servant it contains inside it a sigil which represents its name, and a bit of my saliva. I will consecrate it before the Leo moon passes.

Next will be the Earth servant made on the first day of Virgo.


I absolutely love the fox! Kitsune was my personal totem last summer <3


Yesterday I finished the third portable temple origami servant, JISHIN the tortoise, whose element is earth. Here in order from left to right are MIYUKI, TSUKU, and JISHIN. When all four are finished next month, they will emulate the four corners and raise my temple in a fraction of the time.

JISHIN was made on the first day of Virgo, and consecrated in the early AMs of the next day under the Virgo moon. Like the others it contains a sigil which represents it and a bit of saliva.

The final servant will be the Air servant, constructed on the first day of Libra.


I forgot to mention it here, but I made the final origami servant around the end of September and consecrated it in the beginning of October, finishing the project.

The final servant, on the right, is SAGAKU the owl.


I really like this idea!! I believe I have seen something very, very similar in an anime called A Certain Magical Index in the episode #17 The power of god (archangel)