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The alternative to ego death (facebook copypasta)

Started by thief_and_a_liar, July 14, 2018, 07:34:03 AM

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Me: There exists a second way around this: Become who you do not accept, the evil parts of yourself. 

Some girl on facebook: Why would one seek to achieve this?

Me: It is obligatory to achieve 3=8

Also, what this really means is just gaining control over your shadow, or over all demonic content in your soul, and through this you will become Light itself!

Demonic here means sickness and death, destruction and pain...

Crowley personified this side of your Ego as Choronzon, the dweller in the Abyss.

Later, much later than the kabbalah was conceived, people added the Tree of Death, the Nightside of Eden to the Tree of Life, containing the shells of the sephiroth, that was called the Qlipphoth. These were simply named in evil spirit names, or fallen angel names, and just represented garbage, or waste, that had to be produced in order to balance the Tree. The Qlipphoth can in a simplified way just represent the bad sides, the vices of each sephira, while the sephiroth themselves on the day side represent the virtues of each sephira.

So, in order to control what you hate about yourself, you have to dig deep into it, to understand it properly. 

Invocation of the entity Choronzon, or just letting your darker sides be fully accepted (without acting on such impulses), is... oh hell, do I need to explain this further? Become the worst type of person you can possibly imagine. Experience it fully, and thus you will achieve understanding and control. Ok, I am done.

The girl: Brilliant.  Thank you for expounding.

Me: Hehe. This is much more detailed in Satanism and The Left Hand Path, where your Ego will only be attempted to expand into godhood. No ego death will in these paths be attempted at all...

Just call me the Real Deal of a Black Brother, lol.