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Reusable Sigils?

Started by Philtered.Khaos, August 19, 2013, 03:07:53 PM

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I am fairly certain I had seen a post on this site mentioning that fire and forget is not the only sigil method. can someone point out or explain some information about a reusable school? one I can call on when needed, basically?
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I empower some sigils over a lengthy period of time. These would definitely be sigils for more longer-oriented workings. I just charge it anyway i like, usually just leaving it about to be seen. Sigils luike this "evolve" change a lot, be open to new any new forms of the sigil, but keep the intent clear or in the same general direction.


I'm not sure this is what you mean....

I almost never create my own sigils. There's a 75% chance that someone already has made one and bitched online about it, and I like to just kinda power jump onto that shit.

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Quote from: Kiki on August 19, 2013, 07:27:25 PM
I'm not sure this is what you mean....

I almost never create my own sigils. There's a 75% chance that someone already has made one and bitched online about it, and I like to just kinda power jump onto that shit.



Stupid f*ing "smart" phone. I meant SIGIL, not school. A reusable sigil, like one that could be used sort of like a talisman or amulet. One you can draw in your mind for specific purposes over and over.
I have soared too high on the Wings of Dreams, only to be dashed on the rocky shores of Despair.



Thats a very intresting idea and I was thinking about it the other day.An intresting dream I had the same night had the same principle.A way of having a visual sigil(s) close by and activating them whenever you want ...FreeFood,AppearSexy,Firebolt,EnchancedVision...whatever you can believe you can do.So back in the dream...I was walking in one of my favorite magickal places, a neaby forest opening with a rock in the midlle to rest and think,as the dogs go round and play.Then I saw it.It was a wristband made by beads from a buddhist mala with pieces of chain in between them and in each space between the beads a small metalic representation of the sigil hanging.most of them unknown to me and pretty abstract for my taste,but it felt right.Just a quick image to take in to the mind,enter gnosis and activate it.Tell me what do you think as I begun the research for a person with enough craftsmanship to create some small metalic sigils.
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You could  always make a personal alphabet and  then teach yourself anchors for particular sigils, which would make them reusuable. Some people do use sigils  in their talismans  as well, although I tend not to.


The LS is the best example I know of, but I make these a lot- it's all in Intent when you craft the sigil, and looking at it as a spell filter that programs your magick as it passes through rather than the spell itself.  Most people craft sigils to BE one time use- just in how they think about it.  Change your thinking, change the way it works.   So long as it's a general sort of spell, you just do the targeting bit with your mind as you fire it, or have a spot to plug in a target symbol. 
Once you get the trick of making your symbol Mean what you want it to mean, then anyone can use that symbol/sigil, and get the same or a similar effect (the personal resonance of the caster does seem to alter the result or manifestation path)       

Take protection, for instance- the most common one I use for talismans is a double layered circle with three dividing lines and C O P in my personal alphabet (for cirlce of protection- simple is best) and since I've Named that symbol, anytime I use it, it functions as such.  To target it for a particular person, I make a bindrune of their initials and stick that in the center, and voilla!  since I use Ellis as a powersource inside the talisman itself, it provides a constant low to mid level charge, and if someone's really getting nailed they use the talisman as a focus, run their own voo through it, and the sigil funnels that into the protection spell.   

I also make Schematic sigils- I have a number of general constructs for protection, reality usurping, deflection, "energy direction"- all the stuff you'd DO with sigils, but have to spell out and break back down to craft single use ones- since I have these symbol constructs I can just write in my special alphabet a few general words about what I'm dealing with, throw in my appropriate constructs where they need to go between these ideas/targets/energies, and I've rapidly got a very complex sigil spell filter ready to go without much fuss.

you can also use this same concept with words or hand gestures- like I've got a spell for mental focus, control, empathic shielding, and calming that I use a specific hand gesture to perform.   The hand gesture is my spell filter.  I do that and put the voo to it, the spell does its thing- just like a drawn or imagined sigil-  this physical trigger is especially handy when my mind is too overwhelmed (especially in a highly emotionally charged situation) to focus, and acts as a back door of sorts to get my mind right.   
hope some of that was helpful. 


Woha, one post of arjil is more useful than two random books on magick put together, as usual! Thanks a lot for that.

I use something similar myself, sigils that I charge with intent and then visualise whenever the effect is needed. It came quite naturally to me and I use the normal "One-time" way pretty rarely.

The hand gestures-idea is new to me though, will definitely try that. Thanks again.

So, are all of you chatting at the FB-Group or at IRC?
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Vitimus has a section on using hand gestures to anchor sigils as well in Hands  on  Chaos Magic.

I think most  of the activity is on FB. Not  100% sure since I still can't get into the IRC.