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Who else is in here?

Started by CapBouchard, October 10, 2018, 12:18:20 PM

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I remember being 14 and connecting to a BBS for the first time. Back in the day we were only a handle, no face, no gender, no nationality and yet, the people I met were the most interesting, the most wise and the most inquisitive. Looking back I can see why. The internet was a place for loners, weirdos, nerds, outcasts and such, no one else would hang out in such place. It was private, it was safe, it was ours.
Over the years I witnessed the rise and fall of several communities, I started a few myself and I saw everything crumbling down when social media took over.
Now in my 30s I wonder why did we left? what was the point of leaving our people behind? The internet has its own nation, its own language and its own culture and I can proudly say that I was there from the beginning. I wonder where are we heading now. Am I screaming in an empty room or do you feel it too?
Is there anybody out there?


I'm a bit younger than you but can definitely relate to this feeling. Especially in regards to occult communities failing, several of them. I think what is happening is that the old ideas are dying as new ones are being born. the interaction and magic of the internet is changing, and not always for the better.

maybe The computer is becoming less of the portal to the internet, while the phone is coming in to take it's place.  and with that there is an entirely different approach and energy from mobile devices, with people on the go and not really browsing the net, but plugging into apps. They are more likely to download an astrology app than to actually learn astrology, for example. which is better than nothing I guess, it's a start.

That being said, not all apps are bad. and many of them have an open enough platform, like Instagram, that people can connect, share, learn, market, etc. I think the magical online community just needs a better platform, and honestly DKMU has more of this than anyone else in my opinion despite being a humble website and a crazy fb group. It's better than a stale website limited by forum categories and dead chats full of grumpy old members who have nothing more to talk about.

Thanks for the post and nice to meet you.

Ahavah Ain Soph

Lel what up yo. Bastions of weirdness and strangeness still exist, they're more hidden and occulted, same as anything. Before, they were hidden by nature of being on the web, now they're hidden inside the web in small strange corners of color and madness. Much has changed, yet much has stayed the same.

What I find most fascinating about the web actually is how much it has cast light on within humanity, our connected behavior, how we tend to change, what tends to change us, the nearly chemical reactions that occur when ideas hit the ground from more out there places. It's really a fucking dream if you want to study humanity in any capacity.

I do sometimes wonder what made us sell our small awesome places for things like myspace and from there facebook and whatnot. Looking back, it almost seemed like an unshakable direction, inevitable nearly. I resisted facebook for many years before finally joining, but by then, it had killed a lot of communities. I was on VF for some time, actually, and it kinda took the opposite angle. A large umbrella full of smaller tight knit communities called cults. I really liked that model, as it encouraged all that weirdness and also took advantage of some of the cataloging that the larger sites offer. But such is life, past is past, and we can only move forward.


I can definitely agree, and what is VF ?


what up fam!
just joined up and poking around. I like what I see. I was on some oooooold groups back in the early 2000's. Its interesting to find a place with so many artifacts still laying around. To talk about all the changes and shifts in the internet and media make me wonder why some folks like us have not created our own free social media platform. There are many emerging to try and compete with FB. What if the focus was a FB for the soul :). Anyways nice to meet who ever is around.