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Started by Waetamer, October 11, 2018, 06:46:50 PM

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I am of curious of anyone's experience with the various species of psilocybe fungi.

I will recount my own techniques and experiences in this thread as they come.


in my experience they are of a very strong intelligence, and are always seeking knowledge, and imparting understanding. They are viral, or perhaps symbiotic is a better word. There is a definite sense of magic about them, undoubtedly. As far as the godforms go, in my experience they are closest to Ellis and the assault on reality.

They are a powerful tool for working with the awareness of the energy body. My practices with martial arts have excelled since experimenting. There is a strong martial energy about them, refined awareness like a blade cutting through illusion. Peeling away the layers of reality one by one infront of your eyes.

During one particularly intense experience my vision or perception of everything I was physically seeing became "unified" I felt blind, even though I could see. the problem was I could not differentiate anything from another. i had no perception of floor from ceiling I guess you could say. this led to some serious vertigo and I ended up crawling as a result to a nearby chair. upon sitting in the chair, (it was a rocking type) I leaned back and felt the sensation of "take-off" much like in an airplane. I awoke in a cold sweat head to toe, breathing unevenly shallow and rapid. I was unsure if I had a seizure or what, I have no history of such. where I went, I do not know. Though I do know that there is a "planted memory" of the experience, in other words a false memory of waking up on an operating table with large insects above me doing the work on my brain.

I have always had a definite feeling of the mushroom spirits/ intelligences being benevolent and very, very close to this reality. Also, a definite feeling of them doing work on my brain, I have had an experience where I was dreaming on mushrooms and I had a very real sensation of them traveling from my stomach to my brain and then spores germinating and taking root, growing in my brain.