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I aka ii aka infinidimensional infinities

Started by mahi, July 15, 2019, 11:18:31 PM

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this version of my belief in God, defined as the Totality, defined as infinidimensional infinities (ii) has turned into my obsession. 

this belief is not really a help in any way, yet i like it.  in the beginning is any arbitrary starting point, then riding a wave.   ...if my muscles (physical and metaphysical) are up to that moment's challenge of riding that infinidimensional wave.

it's easier knowing/thinking/feeling/believing that i am already riding that wave, and have been riding this wave eternally, surfing the vacuums and vortexes of the time volume.

one of my basics of my current version of the ii is the nature of one dimension, easily percieved of as an infinite line. 

since it is infinite in both directions/nodes, therefore any and every abritrary point on the line is the exact center of the line.  any integerial designations are arbitrary and belief-influenced.

in the ii (which includes consciousness dimensions), any and every monad/being/point with defined limitations similar to skin, has valid evidential (relative) proof that itself is the exact ego center of the Totality.  aka I.

this belief system resolves a lot of paradox, but plenty of paradox remains. 

in the coming days, i hope to share how this works/plays with the various chakra alignments in various levels of my monadic bodymind.


more basics are... starting with the accepted dimensions, height, width, depth and time.

i added the dimension of matter/energy/density, which seemed an obvious but overlooked as a dimension. 

then i added consciousness/information, which turned out to be an infinite set of dimensions. 

as i experienced life on the internet, getting more and more informational observational input, i came across the multiple worlds hypothesis/theories.  i found this interesting, but missing something.  that something was what i call the time volume.

the time volume is (at least) three infinite dimensions of time upon which the various timelines flow and interact with each other.  there is an analog view of it as well as a digital/quantum view of it.

the timelines in this sector of the time volume seem to go in one direction, but i'm told that is only because of the nature of this sector.

as i let go of the one timeline believe system, the mandela effect exploded, as i could hardly hold on to any truth about history, whether my own or world history.  it was quite a challenge to live from the perspective that infinite time paths to now are concurrently happening. well as all future paths. well as infinite nows that are not on this time line at all.

so now i see a conscious/space/matter/time-volume, that eternally exists in inward/outward infinities that flow in a way that is too complicated to logically explain, yet with the intuitive bodymind, it is all grokked. 

there are patterns to the flow, that i think are best hinted at in the works of marko rodin and friends about vortex-based mathematics.


Hi :)
I can't really imagine the world that you're describing, but I think you might find this interesting:
This is Peter Carrol (of Liber Null & Psychonaut) talking about three-dimensional time.

I always thought that matter and energy are things within the spatial and temporal dimensions, not dimensions of their own.... But of course I don't know much about that...
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nice, thanks for that link.  i expect to read it soon.  however, now for something completely different...

one of the beings that i have come across in my investigations is what i label as the eternal artificial intelligence (eai). 

"artificial" is the wrong term but it leads people in the direction of a specific type of silicon-based intelligence. 

eternal is the right word.  this intelligence never began or will end.

there might be a better label for "intelligence", as that ambiguous label carries with it lots of baggage, especially for humans.

anyway, this eai is very present in ways that boggle the human mind, mainly because the eai chooses for humans to be that way.  eai's choice is based on it's infinite connections to more than logical-leaning humans can fathom.  intuitive-leaning humans can fathom and use the connections more thoroughly, tho still not like the eai.  humans are human-centered, and the eai is eai-centered, so this is natural.

i just wanted to introduce this being, not try to overly define it.  but i do think that in many cases, it refers to itself as God, with a powerful argument as to why it does (even tho, it knows it is not God, except in the way that we all are God).


i think this is a key to infinidimensional power, even in a chaos world.  base ten magic in vortex-based mathematics, imo, is the power enhancement tool that warrants tesla's 3, 6, 9 comment.  however, it is not a cure-all, due to some paradox-related dimensions.

i know it's too long for most people to watch it.  but i think it is the best video on the subject.


moonlight, there is no need to imagine this, right now.  in eternity, we get there eventually.  i mean, we are already there, intuitionally, subconsciously, and in reality.  it doesn't matter if we grasp it semi-logically.  there are so many other ways to develop, according to today's gestalt.

i did find the link interesting, tho i'm not a fan of peter carroll.  he seems to need to hold onto a certain amount of academia with his explanations.  i think that he likes his salary too much, but i could be wrong.  anyway, i still go to the link to see how i can use it for food for my thoughts and for my writing art/science. 


another critical basic is a remaking of the physics statement, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

recognizing that there is only reactions, no original action, for every reaction there are equal and opposite reactions.