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Original post by Ryan Loyd:

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So who recognizes this?
for anyone who doesn't:
this is The Linking Sigil, also known as Ellis, for short.
There's a big long story as to how it came about that I won't go into right now.
This symbol is what it says, a sigil to link things together- specifically works of magick, places of power, haunted sites, sacred sites, ley lines, nodes- anything in that vein you can think of really, and all to mutual empowerment.
It tends to not only make the tagged place, or object, or spell More, it's use also further empowers the web that has grown over the years, thus making it even more effective.
On it's own it functions as a sort of crack in reality, through which raw magick seeps- first devised to be used for glamourbombing muggles, to weaken the concrete nature of consensual reality by driving a splinter of doubt into their minds, thus making reality more mutable and magick easier.
Now after about a decade, it has been linked to so many places, so many works of magick, so many ideas- frankly all over the world, but mostly in the US- that it is a well of magickal energy that can really put the pepper on any use you care to put it to. It can be used, as I said, as a glamourbomb to nail muggles and make their lives more interesting for a bit. It can be used to empower spellcraft. It can be used to "wake up" places that feel as though they really Should be magickal but seem to be sleeping, it can exacerbate hauntings, spread a sense of wonder, open doors, increase the Other, spread raw magick, alter consciousness, and open up Between places. It is a Key, It is a Hammer, it is a Monkeywrench for reality.
You don't have to believe me, certainly- all of the above come from accounts of people who have worked with it- myself included, and most people, not all, but most who use it agree with the assessment.
Just try it and see.
It doesn't affect everyone or every place in the same way, but after a decade of people using it, it Does tend to have an effect. I take no responsibility for squished fingers, or spiders, or chaotic reality fluxes- all of which have been reported.
It sounds a bit like a BLAK SPEER ov DUUM, I know. But a number of quite valid occultists were involved in it's inception, And I was the one who actually came up with the linking sigil concept and the sigil itself. It doesn't need firing. It works all by itself. Just as we intended.
Have fun.


Some thoughts on the LS I had saved-

“The "LINKING SIGIL" is a simple sigil we use to link our works in this endeavor together. It works rather like a spell header, we begin with that and then we slap whatever else we've got around it. That way we would be working in conjunction, but also manage to maintain our autonomy and unique spellcasting style, making our overall effect more diverse and interesting.

One doesn't even have to use it in conjunction with any spell in particular at all, it can simply be used as a means of bringing places of power, or places of particularly creative energy into the web. The only point of the linking sigil is to form a magick net, all working to increase the levels of magick in the world, like a giant spell that evolves and grows each time we add to it till eventually...

Think outside of the box, the more creative we are with the application of this sigil, the more wonder and weirdness we can rope to the cause, the better. Whatever magick you use in conjunction with the Linking Sigil becomes another piece of the puzzle, whatever place you tag becomes another node.” –taken from the original MU site

I was inspired to try tagging certain spots. I have some flat seeds i drew the linking sigil on and threw them in some places that needed "waking up".

I'm still confused on how to use it.

Muu: how so? 
If you're going for area effect you draw/carve/paint it somewhere in the vicinity, with intent- it does not have to be seen to be effective, so you can be as subtle, or not, as you choose.
If you're trying to affect People, glamourbomb style, or just to nail them, you put it somewhere people will see it- on a sticker, on a wall, on the sidewalk, etc.  often accompanied by a short, interesting or insightful message, usually about magick, art, freethinking, etc.
For using it in conjunction with a spell-  Sigil style: you can either use the LS as a base and build the rest of your sigil around it, or, the way I usually do it, is craft my sigil, and stick the LS in one of the corners as a power source for the sigil.
For ritual type magick, just have something with the LS on it on your alter, or ritual space- which you can also tap and draw power from the web just like you would draw from an element, or the moon, or whatever, using the LS as a focus (I use a direct manipulation variant of this all the time, and it's Very effective)   
There's also the invocation/evocation route, deity style, of working with Ellis as entity.  I advise you to be cool with her, rather than demanding, like she's your magickal buddy from the other side of the fence with a heavy helping of Trickster mentality, rather than a servitor or something.  Though sometimes working with her is Deep and Serious and Somber. 
did that help any?


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