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Author Topic: Linking Sigil Basics  (Read 28849 times)


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Re: Linking Sigil Basics
« Reply #15 on: July 26, 2017, 06:51:31 pm »

(Spam: I want this Sticky Topic to be above my own sticky topic, as people probably want to read the basics first. Will posting here accomplish this? Test. Edit: Yes it did. Now I need to insert something useful into this spam post :D I'll look for something.  I do think that Tags are important enough for DKMU to be a sticky topic :) )

Okay, let me use this to ask a question: I'm sure some of you folks remember the LS-Variants.
->      -- normal
-X     -- stunning energy
-O     -- converting energy
-<     -- absorbing energy

Different arrowheads would replace the usual ones and you could make an LS for a specific purpose. Like to only drain a place. You could also combine them (say, stun some specifiic energy, absorb it, convert it so something specific and then use if for something specific.). This was drawn as an LS with 4 different arrows and two arrows around it forming a circle and called the "Smart Glitterbomb". Does anyone still have those documents? I couldn't find it in my rather big DKMU-library....

I have the smart glitterbomb in my Glamourbombing Manual...
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