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Rock Paper Scissors - Fire Thread Worm

Started by Ringtail, November 06, 2019, 05:59:58 PM

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Dynamism is the cosmic quality of change and novelty. The energetic crackling possibility of the LS is its dynamic character.

Pattern is the quality of stability and harmony. Pattern appears in the LS through its self-sorting, connective weblike structure.

Entropy is the quality of decay that returns all things to Chaos. LS expresses entropy in its function of infiltrating and undermining the consensus reality.

In my experience of combination sigils, the larger glyph acts as a filter or qualifier on the smaller one. So, for example, drawing an LS inside a chaostar symbolizes the LS as understood through the idea of chaos, whereas an LS with the chaostar for the dot represents chaos as expressed through the LS. Subtle difference.

These sigils could be used to access the Ellisian currents of dynamism, pattern and entropy, respectively, via their essential shapes.

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