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Author Topic: Memories and Mysticism Tribute  (Read 346 times)

Robert Solvec

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Memories and Mysticism Tribute
« on: June 16, 2021, 12:01:23 am »

I don't know how many people here are into this kind of thing, but I was listening to stuff online as per usual and smiled when I heard a navy seal nonchalantly defend magic and supernatural phenomena like it's common knowledge.  It makes sense to me that people in the SOCOM field would stumble into various states of gnosis considering the mental and physical extremes they push themselves towards on a regular basis (as well as the indigenous cultures they interact with), and I was glad to hear that it seems SO1 Marcus Luttrel is no stranger to it.  So I decided to tag with a simple art video

It's kinda funny because I get the impression that Rogan is a believer too but both of them seem to be keeping the language 'sterile' and trying not to sound too woo woo for a mainstream channel.  Anyways, nothing revelatory but I found it interesting and inspiring.  To summarize, the night before this conversation, Marcus woke up late at night from a thunderstorm, and Rogan also woke up that night after having a dream where he was experiencing Luttrel's memories about dying of thirst and having blood and dirt caked in his mouth as he was fleeing from the Taliban forces that ambushed and killed the rest of his team, one of those strong synchronicities.  Luttrel's story was turned into the film Lone Survivor (2013) and I'm amazed that he seems to be functioning very well with his PTSD for everything he went through

edit: new url, bitchute only offered 480p and I'm trying to avoid google empire 😄
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