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Started by Kiki, September 16, 2014, 01:37:22 AM

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Hey guys, as a lot of you know I recently reorganized the media gallery and uploaded a ton of photos ( I still keep coming across them saved to random devices to add to the site!). I got a lot of questions about the gallery, so I thought I'd add a post on the way it works. I am still in the process of updating and reorganizing the video gallery.

Anyone who is  a member on the site should be able to upload to the gallery. You would need to log in as a member in the members section (the symbol is a key). After successfully logging in, you need to click on the media section (the symbol is a laptop). Upload should be an option.

The hierarchy of the gallery is as follows:
From the media tab, you should be presented  with two options, ARTWORK and VIDEOS.

The Artwork Gallery has several folders:
A.A.O., Altars + Rituals, Chaos Magick, DKMU, and Fleshcraft.
Currently the DKMU Folder is the only one with sub-folders, which are as follows:
Doombringer, Ellis (sub-folder is Public LS Tags), GODFORMS, Ino, Oistar Magazine, Propaganda +  Memes, Red King, Trigag, White Queen, Zalty.

The main folders are:
Dr. Tropikal, Godform related videos, Group Videos, Leviathan Bass, Media Magician, Mind PORN, Pill Corp + Tripdrive,