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Marauder Cell Recruitment

Started by Maelhavok, February 17, 2022, 02:15:04 PM

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I am looking for Marauders in the lower Southern United States. Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi , and Louisiana. I want to build a Marauder network over the five states for AoR purposes. I have extensive experience on both occult and professional life, and can provide bona fides on request. My areas of knowledge are Southern hoodoo traditions, Norse and Greek neo-paganism, Greco-Roman necromancy, and the Goetia. I have roughly twenty-nine years experience studying and practicing Chaos Magick as an adult, and about the same amount of professional experience working in a handful of fields. If this reads like a resumè, it sort of is. I am very serious about this network and it's overall goals detailed below:

Mission Statement : Defeat the Monoculture by increasing diversity and non-conformity.

Goals :

1. Become more distinct and developed individuals that contribute uniqueness to our society.

2. Create Art that inspires others to become more unique individuals themselves.

3. Stand against the Monoculture in all of it's forms wherever it rears it's many heads.

4. Form strong personal bonds with our packs and tribes and each other.

5. Bring a sense of magic and mystery back to our society that draws on both our traditions and our personal views.

If this sounds like it may be in your interests, let me know.
"Wind, fire, that kind of thing..."