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Hello. Again.
« on: September 19, 2013, 08:09:28 pm »
Hi, your newesr oistar here, though I am only new to this group and quite probably know quite a few of you from any number of ways, perhaps even closer than we know. I would like to say something, anything really, really witty and strikingly profound, but it isnt going to happen right now...but here is a quicklist of SOME of my active interests....Audio/Video (noise and light) Sigils. blah blah blah...yep...too tired to think on HELLO. I dont know you, but, I love you. And I find it interesting that during my last working, i suffered an injury to my finger which the hospital said looked like it had been injured many years ago, and many times. They said not only had the tendons burst, but they had retracted, degraded, and turned arthritic. They said it was obviously been reinjured many times for many years and nothing can be done to repair it. Treatment: buddy tape it to my middle finger untill it stops hurting ( 1 -6 months, possibly as long as a year or two) and then, when the tape comes off, therapy to figure out how to adapt to whatever functions ive lost. They also admonished me for waiting for SO LONG. It was 36 HOURS after it happened. Time is not a constant, eh? wondering if it was ellis gently holding my hand.... so, hello. and it's nice to be.


Re: Hello. Again.
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Most activity currently happens on the FB page, but we're making efforts to get more on the forums as well, as they are helpful. For one, topics don't become buried and irrecoverable after a few days.



Re: Hello. Again.
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Hello little oistar (: