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Started by 23nyarlathotep23, March 05, 2022, 08:07:10 PM

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How's it going? Old Zee here, coming back to chaos magic after a while. Digging this DKMU stuff, all of this developed since I left. Interested in collaborating. Specialties/fascinations include Hellenistic period hermeticism and the old pop culture magick shite, recently was making tarot cards for Gaiman's Endless.

Interested in the Discord when it opens up again.


Hi there and welcome.

Did Fishsticks send you an invite? I'm not sure if she reads the forum regularly. If not, tell me and I'll mention it to her in Discord.
"The Assault on Reality lives in you.
This is what you were born to do." -Ahavah Ain Soph

"As far as what I think the DKMU is? It's a promise to never stop fighting against mundanity, to always be injecting the weird into the world" - Timothy Buell

"Put in the work! :)" - Geri