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Hello Everyone | Intro

Started by VoidicSorcerer, February 05, 2022, 03:08:00 PM

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Hello everyone, I am VoidicSorcerer, but I also have been known by many other tags, for Discord I am DarkSun.

I had heard about this group after talking with a former member about their experiments and experiences here in the years past.  I have been researching occult practices and systems of personal power for almost a decade now.  My main focus is the more non-denominational and scientific understanding about what magick is, what are its limits, and what are the most direct and actionable events that can occur for practitioners.

I would be interested in joining the Discord group as well, as I am most active on that platform.  I look forward to reading this group's work and research results, as well as personally getting acquainted with members both current and old.